Steve Bennett Steve Bennett

Hi, I’m Stevie B.

I was born in Wiltshire a while ago now but lived and worked in Folkestone and Dover for most of my life.

I went to college in Dover and a few years back taught at the Dover Christchurch Academy.

I am currently a Psychotherapist by day and an avid musician at other times. I have always loved music from my earliest memories of playing those little black pieces of plastic my mum and dad had.

My earliest influences were the Beatles, and I am a lifelong fan, although I have a very eclectic taste in music from Ella Fitzgerald to Ed Sheeran.

I love all sorts of music, from Classical to Rock, and for the last 20 years or so been very taken by modern country music, which has made me listen a lot more closely to older Country/Western tunes.

This is where DCR comes in, on my show I will be playing some of the best Country tracks around from today all the way back to yester year and introducing local Country music acts.

So, if you fancy a treat tune in to Stevie B’ Country show on DCR 104.9FM from 6-7pm every Sunday evening, I promise you it will be a musical exploration of all that’s good, quirky, or just downright fun in country music.

All the best.


Stevie B.


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