Silver Screen

We are an independent one-screen cinema and we have been showing films for over 30 years! Here is some more information:

We show the latest films and we are open 7 days a week! (Except Christmas day and Boxing day)

Our ticket prices are always cheap, the most you would spend on a film is 5.00 each (excluding occasional specials). You can book by calling 01304 228000 and paying over the phone, however, we do not give refunds.

We have tonnes of legroom, our projector is 4K and the sound is incredible!

We serve sweet popcorn, cold and hot drinks, pringles, sweets and more! We do not allow any alcohol on our premises.

You can hire out our cinema for just 150.00. More info found here.

You can purchase gift vouchers from our cinema for 5.00!


We are located down the side of Dover Museum.

Silver Screen Map


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