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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1862

(Name from)

Cinque Ports Volunteer

Latest 1870

Snargate Street



Previous to 1862 this was the "Volunteer Hotel".


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 4 November, 1863.


Thomas Ellenger, landlord of the "Cinque Ports Volunteer Inn," was charged with refusing the police admission to his house at five minutes past one o'clock on the morning of Sunday last, the 6th inst.

It appeared that police sergeant Barton had heard people inside the house at the hour stated, but on knocking at the door he was not admitted.

The defendant said that he had some troublesome customers in the house at the time that it should have been closed, and that he had shut the door in order that he might get them out quietly and that no others might enter. He was trying to get them to leave when he heard a knocking at the door, but he was quite unaware the police desired admittance, or he should have opened it.

It seemed the defendant's house was generally well-conducted, and that the defendant had never been summoned for any similar offence. The magistrates therefore gave a caution, and refrained from a conviction on the payment of the costs.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 28 May, 1864.


Permission to sell until the next transfer day at the "Cinque Ports Volunteer Inn," Snargate Street, was given to Mr. James Sherman.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 22 October, 1864.


Alice Brown, landlady of the "Cinque Ports Volunteer," Snargate Street, was charged with infringing her license. It appeared that her house was open at twenty minutes past one  o'clock on Sunday morning, and that prostitutes were in it. The defendant was fined 20s. including costs.



It was closed for misconduct in 1869 and was not allowed to reopen the following year, although an application was made for H Harding as landlord in 1870, but this was not granted.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 16 September, 1870. Price 1d.


The Borough Magistrates held their annual licensing meeting on Monday last at the Sessions House. The Magistrates on the bench were E. F. Astley (in the Chair), J. F. Crookes, T. E. Back, C. Stein, J. G. Churchward, J. G. Smith, and W. R. Mowll Esqs. Most of the licenses were renewed pro forma. The exceptional cases were the following.


Mr. W. Knocker made an application for a new licence to be granted to this house, situated in Snargate Street, which had been recently closed, the Magistrates having some time ago refused to renew the licence because the house had been badly conducted. The owners of the house, the Messrs. Beer, of Canterbury, had got rid of their former tenant, and he now made application that a new licence might be granted to Mr. Henry Harding, in whose favour he should present to the Bench a certificate of character signed by the Mayor of Canterbury and the Superintendent of Police in the same city, where the applicant had conducted a public house to the complete satisfaction of the authorities.

Mr. Fox said he was instructed to oppose the application, on behalf of the overseers of St. Mary. The house was kept in a very disorderly manner prior to the last licensing meeting, and the license was then refused. He did not purpose to raise any objections to the present applicant; but he would point out that in the immediate neighbourhood of this house there were several other public houses, and that there were therefore no grounds upon which this license should be granted, so far as public convenience was concerned.

Mr. Knocker said that the opposition had taken him rather by surprise. He need not point out that the suspension of the licence of this house was a great pecuniary loss to the Messrs. Beer; and he hoped the Bench would be of opinion that, as they had done all they could to obtain an exceptionable tenant, no obstacle should be thrown in the way of re-opening the premises.

The Magistrates enquired at what distance from this house other public houses were situated?

Superintendent Coram said there was one within a door or two, and several within a few yards.

Dr. Astley said the Magistrates were of opinion that, as the licence of this house had been withheld for bad conduct, and as a memorial had been presented to the Bench, begging that the licence might not be renewed on the ground that there were already a great number of public houses in Snargate Street, the application could not be complied with.



I am unsure of the licensee A J Martin being there in 1862 as according to Barry Smith the pub was called the "Volunteer Hotel" then and that was under the reign of the same Thomas Ellenger who seems to have replaced him. Perhaps A J Martin was at the "Volunteer Hotel" before him.



MARTIN A J 1862 end

Last pub licensee had ELLENGER Thomas 1863

ELLEN Ernest William 1863

BROWN Alice to October/1864

SHERMAN James October/1864+ Dover Express

SMITH John 1869 end

HARDING H 1870 (application refused)


Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


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