PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton and Jan Pedersen

Earliest 1838

Castle Inn

July 2012

77 Forde Road


Castle 1978

Above photograph kindly supplied by Jan Pedersen, 1978.

Castle Inn, Folkestone

Pictures above and below taken by Paul Skelton, 5 July 2009.

Castle Inn sie view
Former Castle Inn 2012

Above photo kindly sent by Phil Nicholson, 29 November, 2012.


From the Folkestone Observer 19 November, 1864. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.


Tuesday November 15th:- Before Captain Kennicott R.N. and W. Bateman, James Tolputt and A.M. Leith, Esqs.

Richard Baker appeared on summons, charged with having in his possession a lurcher dog, property of John Richardson.

John Richardson, licensed victualler and general dealer, living at Hythe, said he bought the dog about three months ago. He was standing at his door one morning when Mr. Allen, who served meat at the camp for Mr. Major, passed the door, having a man with him, and dog. He asked 5s. for the dog, but witness ultimately bought it for 4s. and a pot of beer. It was a middle sized lurcher dog, answering to the name of Ben. The man he bought it of seemed to be a looker, and he said he bought it to look after sheep, but it was too fast for sheep. Witness had the dog about two months, and one day, going to Broad Street with the dog, a man claimed the dog. Witness brought the dog with him to Folkestone, and left it unfastened under the manger with his horse in the "Rose" stables. Had not seen the dog till that morning, but had advertised it in the Folkestone Observer. Last Sunday his son saw the dog with defendant.

William Ellen, butcher, confirmed prosecutor's statement as to the purchase of the dog. Did not know the man the dog was bought of, as he had merely given him a ride in his cart on the road. He seemed to be a drover.

Defendant said the dog was his. He bought the dog of his nephew in Foord, giving a donkey for it and a sovereign. He got drunk at Romney Fair and got locked up, and thus lost his dog.

Thomas Fields, landlord of the "Castle Inn," said the purchase as described by defendant took place in his presence, in his house, four or five months ago.

Aaron Baker had brought the dog from Netley Forest, a pup, and sold it as described to defendant.

The bench dismissed the charge, not undertaking to say in whom the right of property in the dog was vested.



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From an email sent 4 October 2009

Regarding the previous information I supplied regarding the "Valliant Sailor," if you have any knowledge or information on the Castle Inn, Folkestone, I should appreciate hearing as the evening before his death Charles VIDLER visited that pub ordered a beer but left before either paying for or drinking it, according to a witness at the inquest into his death.

Also he had previously complained of having banged his head somehow and feeling 'queer', so he could well have been suffering from undiagnosed concussion, which may have caused him to blackout and fall into the sea. Just a theory.

As you will see, Charles VIDLER was born at Brenzett, and I have been continuing my family history research in respect of my VIDLER ancestors, to include, Brookland, Fairfield, Ivychurch and St Marys in the Marsh, New Romney etc, so any info anyone can provide me with I should be delighted to hear from them.

Many thanks again.


Best wishes Ian Nicoll.



Their last night is 1 July 2012 and I am informed that this is yet another pub that is going to be turned into a residential home.



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