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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1952

Captain Webb

Latest 2003+

163 Folkestone Road


Granham Wenn Hotel
Captain Webbs

Captain Webbs 2003.


Part of Webbs Hotel was utilised to provide the town with a new pub which opened on Wednesday 12 July 1989. The owners were Elefttherios Elefteriades, (Terry), and his wife Jean.


It featured a mock raftered ceiling, centrally cited heating arrangements with a hooded flue and the large front window incorporated two circular sections which depicted Dover castle and the white cliffs. I suspect the admirable seating would have been looked on with envy by some of the other pubs.


The title commemorates Matthew Webb who swam the Dover Strait in twenty two hours in 1875. He lost his life eight years later when attempting to swim the Niagara rapids.


Staff at Captain Webbs, 1989

WHEN Eleftherios Eleftheriades (known to his friends simply as Terry) and his wife Jean became the owners of Webbs Hotel in Folkestone Road, Dover, four years ago (1985) they knew they would have to add to its attractions if they were going to make it pay.

As Terry explained: "We had to think of a way of attracting more business because for much of the time the hotel is not full.

"Our first idea was the banqueting hall which we had built within a year. But even as that was being built we were thinking about building a pub. It was just a matter of making sure we could afford it."

Now, three years on and well over 100,000 later, the Captain Webb is open.

Next to the hotel, where two derelict flats stood only months ago, the pub looks as though it has been there for years - a natural addition to the attractive white hotel.

Terry is confident that the Captain Webb will be a success.

He said: "There are something like 800 beds in the various hotels along Folkestone Road - we only need to attract a fraction of those people to succeed and they're starting to come already.

"As for lunchtimes, we hope to attract the business community in the town."

People will have trouble keeping away. The pub is traditionally decorated with a central copper fireplace.

Even in its present new state the place exudes charm from the luxurious pile carpet to the two massive windows looking out onto Folkestone Road, one with an impressive engraving of the castle, the other depicting Captain Matthew Webb's historic first swim of the English Channel.

With Terry's continuing success comes a boost for other people too.

The pub will push the number of permanent staff at the hotel up six to 15.

Captain Webb 1989

The photos above and below show Captain Webb pub in 1989.

Captain Webb 1989


From the Dover Express and East Kent News. 22 October, 1965.

Webbs advert 1965

Shown above, a pre-Captain Webbs advert for the Webbs Hotel, 1965.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 19 February, 1971.

Webb's Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Dolbear

After more than 19 years' experience, catering for a wedding reception is a smoothly organised business for Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dolbear, of Webb's Hotel, Folkestone Road. They are well aware of the little snags that have to be avoided and their advice to wedding couples is: "Seek expert catering advice."


The wedding reception is of course one of the major events of the day and says Mrs. Julienne Dolbear of the Webbs Hotel, Folkestone Road. "I would advice to seek expert advice on the catering.

Webbs Hotel is in a good position to offer that advice for it is now preparing receptions for the daughters of the couples catered for over 19 years.

"Everybody loves a wedding," says Mrs. Dolbear, and I'm no exception. I really enjoy preparing the food, making fillings cutting sandwiches and decorating the cakes.

Mrs. Dolbear does all the cooking with the help of six to eight helpers, depending on the size of the wedding and as well as catering they decorate the reception room with floral arrangements.

A common mistake that people make, says Mrs. Dolbear, is forgetting the ornamental tops for the wedding cake. But nobody need worry for Mrs. Dolbear has spare ornaments which she uses in case of emergency.

The survice business like Webbs Hotel offer starts as soon as the wedding guests arrive at the hotel. After they have parked their cars (the car park holds up to 30 cars) the bride and groom are escorted to the reception room where everything is in readiness.

There is a record player, a loud speaker for announcements and a stage to spotlight the cake. The hotel will cater for any number of people from ten to a hundred and prices for a buffet or a sit-down meal are from 75p per head to 1.25.


From an email received 12 June 2013.

My niece forwarded me this interesting piece about Graham Webb Hotel. My mother was the original owner of 163 Folkestone Road, she and my dad bought the property and converted it to Webb's hotel, a few years later they purchased 165 also, I helped in the hotel with my parents whilst still at school and then full time when I finished, I worked on and off for my mother in between Bobby's department store in Folkestone and the telephone exchange.

My mother had some wonderful people that helped her, and yes, as the article states, mom was a great cook, as the article says. I now live with my husband in North Carolina, USA (I met him when he stayed at my mother's hotel, 53 years ago).

Julienne Ratcliff


Julienne has kindly sent me some old photographs of the inside and outside of the hotel.

"Click here" to view them. Paul Skelton.


Captain Webbs July 2009

Above image from Google July 2009, showing the site of Captain Webbs.



Webbs Hotel

WEBSTER Mrs Julienne 1952-64

DOLBEAR Mrs Julienne 1964-71 end

DOLBEAR Frederick W 1971-72

CAWDRON Terence and BERYL Lorraine 1972-73


Granham Webb Hotel

CAWDRON Terence and BERYL Lorraine  1973-78 Library archives 1974

CAWDRON Roy Norman David 1985

ELEFTHERIADES Eleftherios 1985


Captain Webb

ELEFTHERIADES Eleftherios 1989


Library archives 1974Library archives 1974


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