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Earliest 1859-

Cannon Inn

Demolished 1974

Ellington Place

St Lawrence

Cannon Inn

Above photo, date unknown.


Post Office Directory 1874 listed a "Cannon" at St. Lawrence.

The premises seems also have been referred to both as the Cannon Gardens and the Cherry Tree Gardens, if the licensee is indeed the same.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 29 March 1859.

To let. With immediate possession.

The "Cannon" beer house, St Lawrence, near Ramsgate.

The premises comprise a bowling green, skittle alley, piggeries, and 140 perches of garden, stocked with fruit trees, and now cropped with potatoes and other vegetables.

For particulars apply to the tenant (William Brock,) or to Crump and Sons, Brewers, Ramsgate.


Thanet Advertiser 26 November 1859.


(Before T. Whitehead, Esq. (chairman), Major-Gen. Williams, G. E. Hannan, Esq,. and the Rev. G. W. Sheklemore.)

William Brock, of the "Cannon" beer shop, was charged with allowing gaming in his house, on the 12th instant. Defendant pleaded Not Guilty.

Police constable Tucker deposed:— On the 12th inst, about 8 o'clock in the evening, I went to defendant's house at St Lawrence. I was, by the directions of the Superintendent, in plain clothes. I was asked to go into the parlour; I said I would rather go into the skittle alley. I went there and I saw six lads from sixteen to twenty, playing at skittles. They played seven games while I was there, for a pot a game; four were playing at a time, two side. Before they began they said "we two will play you two for a pot." After the game was over they said "what shall we have." They agreed to hare "shandy gaff," a mixture of beer and ginger beer, six pots of which were brought in whilst I was there, the losers paying for what was lost. Defendant brought the beer in and received the money for it. He was in the skittle ground the whole time except when he went out to fetch the beer in; he was there when the betting was made and must have heard it unless be wes very deaf. I spoke to him afterwards and he did not appear deaf. While there two men came in; one bet the other a penny that he did not knock the skittles down so many times; the other threw and knocked them down in once and received the penny.

Defendant, in his defence, denied the gambling, and said he had a notice up in the alley that gambling was not allowed, and more than that he invariably made it his practice to be present in order to prevent it.

The Chairman said, after due consideration the Bench were of opinion that the case had been clearly proved against him, and they fined him 40s., and 10s. costs, ordered to be paid forthwith.

The Reverend Mr. Stcklemore said, the case having been closed he could not refrain from commenting upon the defendant's conduct in serving the boys, as he had been proved to do, with six pots of beer. They had in the case before them that day seen the evil of drink in men — and three boys were being trained in a similar course. He could say that the house had been a disgrace to the village of St Lawrence for years past and the terror of the youths of the place. He for one was determined to abate the nuisance as far as in him laid, and if the police did not do their duty he would see that they were reported.


From Kentish Gazette 11 September 1860.


At the Wingham Petty Sessions, on Thursday, Mr. Wellard, proprietor of the "Cannon Gardens," in this parish, applied for a license to sell spirits by retail. After a full consideration of the circumstances attending the application it was refused.


From Kentish Chronicle 15 September 1860.


There was only one application for a fresh spirit license, namely, by Stephen Wellard, for the "Cannon Gardens," St. Lawrence, but the bench refused the application.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 15 September, 1860.

This was the annual general licensing day, when the whole of the old licenses in this division were renewed. There was only one application for a fresh spirit license, namely, by Stephen Wellard, for the "Cannon Gardens," St. Lawrence, but the bench refused the application.


From Kentish Chronicle 7 September 1861.


The usual business of the renewal of the licenses was gone through, and applications made for spirit licenses by William Terry of the "Admiral Fox" and Stephen Wellard, of the "Cherry Tree Gardens" Both applications, after due consideration, were granted.


Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 18 October 1890.

The Druids.

As the lodge room of this order, at the "Woodman Inn," is at present being altered and renovated, the members who hold a smoking concert at Bro. Spain's, "Cannon Inn," St Lawrence, on Wednesday evening next, when the attendance of members of kindred orders and other friends is invited. One of the objects of the gathering will be to receive benevolent contributions for the benefit of Bro. F. Rogers, who has been for some time prevented by the attack of paralysis from following his occupation.


The pub was sold and demolished many years ago - this building stood opposite the Ellington Old School at the top of Ellington Road but was unfortunately demolished in 1974 subsequently absorbed into the redevelopment for houses.



BROCK William 1859+

WELLARD Stephen 1860-91+ (age 60 in 1891Census) Post Office Directory 1874

HEWITT Joseph Napoleon 1882+

SPAIN John 1890-91+ (age 47 in 1891Census)

MARVELL George Frederick 1901-07+ (age 46 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

THOMPSON Walter James 1913-30+


FARRIER Ernest Maurice 1934-1950+

SMITH W A 1951-55+

SETTERFIELD Mr (unconfirmed) 1970+


Post Office Directory 1874From the Post Office Directory 1874

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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