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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1760-


Latest 1866+

Commercial Quay

Crane Street



A beer house under the patronage of Mrs. Harriet Evans in 1866. It is not known exactly where the house was, or indeed how long Harriett Evans managed to stay there or indeed when she moved from the "Rifleman" in Charlton Green, after her appearance before the Magistrates in 1866. But it is known that the brewer Mr. Kingsford moved her there some time after 1858.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 6 July, 1866.



Harriett Evans, the landlady of the "Britannia" beer house, Commercial Quay, was summoned for knowingly allowing disorderly persons to assemble in her house.

Police-sergeant James Johnson said that he visited the "Britannia" beer house, about a quarter to eight on the previous Wednesday evening, accompanied by police-constable Corrie. In the taproom downstairs he saw three prostitutes and four soldiers. He then went into a public room upstairs, where he saw two other prostitutes and one soldier. He afterwards saw the landlady, and asked her whether she knew the character of the parties she had in the house. She said, "Yes." He then said that he should be obliged to make a report, an she replied that she hoped he would make no "fuss" about it. He repeated that he must make a report of the matter. He then left the house, but returned about a quarter to nine, still in the company of Corrie, and saw the same five women in the house. He again directed the landlady's attention to the circumstance, when she replied that he might visit the house as often as he liked, but that she should not turn away her customers for anybody.

By the defendant: You did not tell me you didn't know the character of the woman in the house, I did warn you that the woman there were prostitutes.

Police-constable Corrie said he accompanied Johnson, whose statement he fully confirmed. He was with the sergeant on both occasions. Two of the girls were under sixteen years of age. He distinctly heard the defendant say she did not care how often Johnson visited the house, she should not turn her customers away.

The defendant cross-examined the officer in the same direction she had pursued with Johnson, but he adhered to his statement.

She now said in her defence that she was not guilty. She was ignorant that any person of improper character was in her house. She was placed in the house by Mr. Kingsford, and she was sorry that she had got into such a place, for she was a respectable woman.

 Superintendent Coram said that the defendant had previously kept a public house at the back of Charlton, and that was very reasonably conducted. This was the first time she had been summoned for disorderly conduct since the "Britannia" had been in her hands.

Mr. Mowll said he was glad to be able to bear testimony to the former respectability of the defendant, who had lived in his service, when she conducted herself well.

The bench fined her 10s. and the costs.

The defendant created some amusement by asking Mr. Mowll to pay the money on her behalf, promising that she'd "bring it over in the course of the day."

Mr. Mowll said he would pay the money for her, and the defendant was then allowed to go. 




Last pub licensee had EVANS Mrs Harriet 1866


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