East Kent Brewery Co


Bulwark Hill,

& at Sandwich.


It is not yet known whether this brewery is indeed the same one as Cliffe Brewery at Archcliff also known as the Archliffe Brewery, but in 1887 a John Rolls also brewed at Sandwich and took over the Cliffe Brewery at that time, but was in financial difficulty by 1890.

The East Kent Brewery Co. is mentioned in Kelly's Directory in 1899Kelly's Directory 1899, and so from this information I am assuming that the Cliffe Brewery at Archliffe was taken over by the East Kent Brewery Co. by 1899 and that they are indeed one and the same.

However, Post Office Directory 1901 gives an address of between 1 and 4 Commercial Quay, Facing Harbour as East Kent Brewery Co. Post Office Directory 1903


From an email received 25 March 2013

Bottle stopperBottle stopper

Above pictures showing an old bottle stopper retrieved by kind digging of a mole, and sent to me by Chris Saville. The wording says "East Kent Brewery Co. Ltd. Sandwich."


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 15 September, 1900. 1d.



Charles Staunton, who described himself as a painter was charged with stealing a coat, value 1, the property of Mr. William H. Harvey, corn-factor, on Friday last.

According to the evidence of the prosecutor, and Henry Burt (a man in his employ), the former drove to the station on Friday morning, and left his coat on the seat of the cart. The latter then drove the cart back to the stores in Strand Street, the cart being left in a lodge at the back of the yard. Between 9 and 10 the witness went again to the cart, and noticed that the coat was missing, but thinking that one of the staff had taken it into the office, he took no further notice of it. He made enquiries just before going to meet his master, about 5, but the coat could not be found. He informed Mr. Harvey, and the police were eventually apprised of it.

Terry Wraight, Delf Street, deposed that he was employed at the East Kent Brewery. On Friday last, the prisoner came to him and asked for employment. Witness gave him some coppers, but said that he could not engage him. Prisoner, who was wearing the coat (produced), then asked him to buy the garment for 2s., and he refused at first, but eventually gave him the 2s. to help the man on the road, and did not dream but what the coat was his own. Prisoner went away, and witness afterwards, hearing that a coat had been stolen from Mr. Harvey's, informed P.C. Woodgate of the matter.

The prisoner was arrested at Tilmanstone, and brought to Sandwich by P.C. Wood.

Staunton stated that he was a painter, and had been at work at Brighton, but had been drinking heavily since.

The Bench sentenced prisoner to 14 days, with hard labour.



Kelly's Directory 1899From the Kelly's Directory 1899

Post Office Directory 1903From the Post Office Directory 1901


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