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Published 31 August 2000

MEMORIES reader Mrs Joan Andrews (nee Donoghue), who lives in Harman Avenue, Lympne, thought other Herald readers might be interested in the photograph, right, of a street party in Eversley Road, Horn Street, on the day of the Coronation of the Queen, way back in 1953. And I am sure they will.
Joan, 66, says “I am in the picture on the left, with my baby daughter Margaret, then one month old.

“She is now 46!

“My maiden name was Joan Donoghue. The little girl on my right is my sister Maureen, now Mrs Watts.” Seated at the table in the front, third from the left,
smiling at the cameraman is Joan’s late brother Brian.

He emigrated ‘down under’ to Australia, but sad to say, passed away at the age of 53, she said.

“My Mum and Dad, Harry and Phyllis Donoghue, are standing behind me.

“In the back row next to my parents are Mr & Mrs
Dray, and Mr Lucas the town sergeant.

“In the second row, from the left are Mrs Farmer, the Revd Newman, a lady I dont know, lady with little boy Mrs Prebble, then Josie Clayton, next two I don’t know, then Mrs Blackman, and Mrs Davies.”

The other picture, below is of a Saltwood Mothers Union outing around 1957-58.

“My mother-in-law, Amy Andrews is third on right, my daughter Margaret is second on left, sitting at front.” Veteran former seaman Fred Featherbe, who has lent me some fascinating Grimsby Telegraph supplements featuring memories and old photographs, which including a Folkestone war story, says he heard the other day from Bob Challis, originally from Shepway, who lives ‘down under’ in

FOLKESTONE folk celebrating the Coronation in 1953 of Queen Elizabeth. The picture was sent in by Mrs Joan Andrews (nee Donoghue) along with the other photograph, below, of a Saltwood Mothers Union outing group around 1957-58.
Australia, and was very interested to hear of the scare over the wartime pipe-mines found during building work at Hawkinge airfield site.

He told Fred they were buried all over the place to hamper the enemy in the event of invasion.

Bob, he says, lives in Longmorn Rd, Marmor, Queensland 4702, and if any one wishes to contact him, he is on 0749 3464 66.

Searching the Folkestone
Herald files for the past century for interesting snippets for the “From Our Files" feature I was interested to see the picture at the top of this page showing a smart two-seater sports model coming off the Martin Walter (Folkestone) ‘production line’ in 1925.

Built on a 30/98 Vauxhall chassis, it received a very favourable reception in the motoring press and in sport-
ing and racing circles, reported the Herald.

Production of these sports models on “fast chassis” of Vauxhall, Delage and Bentley, was a departure from the. firm’s usual work seen at Earls Court Motor Show.

Martin Easdown is due to talk to Folkestone & District Local History Society at their September 6 meeting which is to be held in Holy Trinity Church hall at 7.30pm.





Scandal of refuse carts taken through Cheriton.

•4 Q/1/\QUITE a 'stink' was being creatcd by Folkestone Council's practice of carting its town's refuse through the streets of their : neighbours at Cheriton, on the way to the rubbish dump. And Cheriton had had enough said the editor who asked whether, if the boot was on the other foot, would Folkestone tolerate Cheriton's waste being carted through its streets! It could ail be blamed on the Council's Inability to take a practical course and set up a 'dust destructor' he wrote. It was nothing short of a scandal to "export the germs of filth and disease" into a neighbouring district, he declared. Cricket Week was badiy hit by a storm. Luxuriously fitted marquees for spectators were blown down and there was havoc and destruction in alt directions; said; the Herald. Sir Edward Sassoon the MP's great marquee came down and all the elaborate preparations for an "At Home” gathering were destroyed. Crockery was smashed and popular Folkestone caterer Mr Gironlmo had a narrow escape from injury, as tables toppled under the onslaught of a typical August storm. The Freemasons' marquee and public refreshment bar were also toppled. That of the Mayor escaped.



Cheerful Sparrows’ giant fete packs in the crowds.

| QQr THE REMARKABLE record of the British railway steamers in the First World War when they carried 12 million passengers across the Strait of Dover without the loss of a single life, was applauded when the new cross-Channel ferry Isle of Thartet made Its inaugural trip to France In August. That proud record was referred to at the lunch served on board on the return Journey: by Brigadier-General the Hon Everard Baring, who presided. On a sadder note he also spoke with sadness of the loss of the first turbine steamer, the Queen sunk by the enemy In the Channel. He also referred to a wireless message received during the trip from Lord Reading, who was on board the railway steamer Engadine taking him on the first part of his journey back to continue his work in India. The Brigadier also reflected on the first service trips across the Channel, made from London a hundred years before, which took U hours. But they soon switched to the Channel ports. Our man Felix spent a lifetime of journalism with the Herald and in 1925 he was writing of the growth in the newspaper's readers since the day he set foot in the offices. Sales, he wrote, had risen to close on 10,000 a week (about 20,000 readers) but he recalled when the number was less than 1,000. At that time there was at least one other Folkestone paper.



Channel swimming race attracts national media.

■j Q rrt BIG EVENT of the season was the X/wv Channel Swim.....race which was promoted by the Daily Mail, with a 1,000 first prize (a large sum 50 years ago) which attracted a remarkable 19 men and six women entrants for the marathon swim. The event attracted much attention from the media and the BBC were giving live radio broadcasts on five wavelengths as well as providing television coverage. And the town revelled in the glory, many of the swimmers being base and/or training here. The swimmers, supporters and the media were catered for by a fleet of small ships accompanied by the Thames tug Rumania which was to carry Press representatives from around the World. Master of the tug Capt H Griffiths DSO DSM was no stranger to the Channel, having earned his 'gongs' at Dunkirk and in the D-Day landings in Normandy. Shattered, after swimming In the Channel for 25 hours was Argentinian Antonio Abertondo, who retired when he was almost within touch of the shore. But he went on later to become the first person ever to complete a two-way Channel swim; Surprise was being expressed In Hythe and Folkestone that one of the major events of the year, Hythe Venetian Fete was not supported by the Mayor or Deputy Mayor of Folkestone.



Flying jacket of missing air crew recovered from sea.

1Q7R A JACKET believed to have belonged to one -L7 I O of two men who disappeared while flying from France to Lydd was recovered from the Channel. The Canadian style flying jacket had dark paint on it which matched paint used by Tony Ludlam. the passenger in the missing two-seater aircraft. The jacket was found within an area off Folkestone where the aircraft disappeared. Both pilot Keith Buck, 33, of Chartham and Mr Ludlan, 37, of Seasalter, were members of the Cinque Ports Flying Club at Lydd. The town's publicity officer said the axe was hanging over a number of the district's hotels. A Folkestone guest house owner said it was the worst summer season for local guest houses in 14 years, commenting that "Folkestone closes at 5.30 every afternoon. Then there is nothing for anyone to do!" There was a spot of bother after a team of Egyptian swimmers, piloted by Val Noakes swam the Channel to commemorate the first ever successful solo swim, by Matthew Webb, in 1875. They were ahead of the field when they received a radio message from The Kilmory, the Navy’s escorting minesweeper telling them they would be disqualified if they did not land at Shakespeare Beach, causing them to change course. At the time they were headed for a point east of Dover. Their finishing time of 9hrs 16 m 59secs gave them the record for: mixed teams but, they said the 'detour' cost them the outright record.

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