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Earliest 1740-

Blue Anchor

Latest 1833+

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One reference found so far is in the Wingham Division Ale Licence list, which shows the "Blue Anchor," Wingham, to be re-licensed for the sum of 8 shillings in 1740 indicating that the pub was present before 1740.

However, there is also an "Anchor" in the same village, the information gained on licensees on this pub doesn't overlap with the licensee known in 1740 at this one, although the list is not conclusive, but I am going to assume the two are connected.

Further information recently found below enforces my theory here.

However, reference to a Mrs Sandcraft at the "Blew Anchor" has been found in the Kentish Gazette of 1833, and she was definitely the licensee of the "Anchor" at that time.


From Kentish Gazette 30 July 1768.

At a Whole Blowing Feast, held at Mr. George Powell's at the "Blue Anchor," in Wingham, on the 29th day of July. The first Prize won by Mr. Parks, with Taylor's Minerva. The second ditto by Mr. Tho. Hollness's seedling, Duke of Cumberland. The third ditto, by Mr. Marsh's Rook's ?? Duchess of Newcastle. The fourth ditto, by Mr. John Holness Duchess of Hamilton. The fifth ditto, by Mr. Guerard seedling Lord Weymouth.


26 July 1769 - Kentish Gazette - Canterbury, Kent, England.

This is to acquaint all Gentlemen, Florists, and Others, that there will be, on Thursday the 3d of August, a Feast for Whole blowers, being Flakes or Bizzarts, at Mr. George Powell's at the "Blue Anchor," in Wingham. Every Person that subscribes One Shilling Fourteen Days before the Day of Shewing; or Two Shillings and Sixpence on the Feast Day, is intitled to shew, having had the Flower in his Possession One Month before the Day of shewing. The best Flower produced being a Flake or Bizzart, will be intitled to 16s. Second best 10s. and third best 5s. - No Person to win two Prizes, and not to be intitled to any Prize unless he personally appears at Dinner.

N.B. The Ordinary at One o'Clock.


Kentish Gazette, Wednesday 02 August 1769.

At the whole-blowing-feast, at Mr. George Powell's at the "Blue Anchor," Wingham, on Thursday last, the first prize was won by Mr. Robert Deane, with his seedling called the Archbishop of Canterbury; the second by Mr. Marsh, with Rogues Dutchess of Newcastle; third by Mr. John Holness, for a seedling.

There was an excellent collection of flowers, and a very gentle company.



LUDRICH Elizabeth (widow) 1740+ Wingham Ale Licences 1740

POWELL George 1768-69+


Wingham Ale Licences 1740From Wingham Division Ale Licences 1740 Ref: KAO - QRLV 3/1


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