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Earliest 1994+

Bar Vasa

14 Feb 2013

4-5 Esplanade


01303 243956

Bar Vasa, Sandgate Bar Vasa, Sandgate

Both photo taken from Google Maps 2010


I believe this is more of a restaurant or eating house than a pub and the earliest I have seen it mentioned to date is 1994, although the same source says it didn't open till 1995.

Advertised in 2010 as a fusion between an English bar culture with a continental lifestyle. This establishment offers 4 2-bedroom apartments as well as catering for a selection of food from their menu.

Bar Vasa mirror

While on holiday in Cyprus, the owners Arist and Maria bought a mirror, saying if they ever opened a bar the mirror would feature in it.

The original Pre-Club bar opened in 1996 with what they termed a Mediterranean Vibe.

Mediterranean food was introduced in 1999 and a Contemporary Cuisine & Continental Lifestyle in 2003.

Further information kindly supplied by Jan Pedersen informs that the premises was once called "Miles Haven" and later "The Beachcomber" or "Beachcombers."

If anyone should have further information or photographs regarding any of the names above, I would be very interested in hearing form you.

Just been informed that as of 12 February, 2013, the premises closed for business.

Edward Teasdale informs me the following:- "The Morcheeba song "The Sea" is written about the beachside bar "Bar Visa". The hotel appeared on the Channel 4 programme "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" on 27 February 2006.


From 14 February, 2013.

POPULAR Sandgate club "Bar Vasa" has closed its doors for the last time, resulting in nine lost jobs.

Staff were told the news at a meeting on Monday by owners.

A former worker told the Herald: "It was quite a shock really.

"Since the start of the recession things have been tough and the trade last summer was pretty bad, so the owners said we couldn't go on.

"I've been here a long time and I suppose the trade has dipped over the years. We had hoped it would carry on, but it wasn't to be."

The bar had six full time staff members, and another three part time.



???? Arist & Maria 1994+


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