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Earliest 1857-

Army and Navy

Closed 1908

68 The Strand


Army and Navy

Above showing the former Army and Navy


The premises known as the "Army and Navy" has also been addressed as 64, 65 and 66 at different times of its existence.

The earliest reference to this premises found so far was from the Walmer Poor Rate book of 1857 when Richard Baker was in residence.

The last licensee, Benjamin Horner was also an Umbrella Maker and was still there at the close in 1908 when the premises was de-licensed. It is said that the sign also showed stating "Umbrella Hospital" outside, and he remained there, still repairing umbrellas till 1929.


From the Kentish Chronicles, 22 October, 1859.

A grosser instance of sheer ruffianism it has never been our lot to record than that which took place in this locality on Tuesday se’nnight. It appeared that a bricklayer named Atkins with a companion went in the afternoon of the above-named day to the "Army and Navy" beer-shop in the Walmer-road, and were quietly enjoying themselves over a jug of beer, when they were joined by a stalwart-looking fellow of the name of Bowls, who, without ceremony, made free with the beer, and then asked Atkins for some tobacco, which he good-naturedly called for and gave him. Soon after Bowls proposed to bet Atkins five shilling's that he would give him the first slap on the cheek, which challenge, however, the latter declined, whereupon Bowls insisted he had won the money, and not being able to get it, deliberately threw Atkins into the road with so much force as to break his leg; not content with this treatment be leaped upon him with great violence, thereby causing haemorrhage from the nostrils, and other personal injuries. In fact, the conduct of Bowls was more like an infuriated wild beast than that of a human being. Information was soon conveyed of this brutal outrage to Inspector Parker, of Deal, and the Walmer constable, who succeeded in taking Bowls into custody, having found him behind a hay stack near the "Sydenham Green" Public-house. The fellow is now in Sandwich Gaol, and will be in a day or two brought up for another examination. Atkins we learn is progressing as favourably as can be expected, considering the dangerous character of the injuries he has sustained.

From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 5 October, 1872. 1d.


John Wortley, a pedlar, from London, was brought up for being drunk and abusive at Walmer Road.

P.C. Goldsack, one of the K.C.C., deposed: On Saturday afternoon last at half-past four I saw the prisoner lying on the footpath in front of the "Army and Navy," beershop. I asked him to get up and go away. He said he could not get up, and could not walk if he did, as the ______ landlord inside had kicked him in the privates. He smelt very strong of drink. I then went in to see the landlord to make enquiries. He said the man came in drunk and wanted some beer, but he would not give him any, and he was  ultimately obliged to put him out. I then attempted  to get prisoner up, but he laid down again. I told him I should take him into custody as he was drunk. On searching him at the lock-up I found 1s. 10d. in money, and a pedlar's certificate.

The only defence the prisoner had to offer was that he was so drunk he did not remember anything that had happened. This was the first time he had been before Justices.

Committed for seven days' hard labour.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 24 October, 1908.


The supplemental meeting of the East Kent Licensing Committee met at the Sessions House, Longport, Canterbury, on Monday for the purpose of considering claims for compensation under the Licensing Act of 1904. Lord Harris presided, the other members of the Committee present being Lieut.-Colonel S. Newton-Dickenson, Messrs. F. H. Wilbee, H. Fitzwalter Plumptre, J. H. Monins. F. E. Burke, F. Cheesmsn, and A. Flint. The majority of the agreements as to terms of compensation between owners and tenants were signed, only four cases being referred to the Inland Revenue. The following agreements were signed:—

"Army and Navy," Walmer, Thompson and Son, Ltd., 232, B. Horner 14.




BAKER Richard 1857-59+

AXON David 1862-81+ (age 53 in 1881Census)

SUTTON Edward H 1889-91+ (age 32 in 1881Census)

WELLARD Morris 1898+

HORNER Benjamin 1899-1908




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