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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1805


Latest 1863

Beach Street and Great Street



Rather sketchy this one. Goodburn in 1805, Henry McKeen in 1856 and a Perry from Deal in 1859. Some opposition to the renewal in 1863 but later, Emery was given permission to draw. That is the last year that I know of it trading.

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From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, January, 1863.


Early on Wednesday morning last a fire broke out in the Ark public house opposite the South Eastern Railway terminus in Beach Street which unfortunately resulted in the destruction of the house besides endangering to a certain extent other property.

It appears that the Ark is a public house. No one has slept in it for some time, the landlord, Mr. E. Emery, locking it up at night after business has been concluded and going elsewhere to sleep. From his own statement it transpires that he went away as usual on Tuesday night and somewhat hazardly, as many suppose, left some linen to air in front of a fire which had been banked up. On the following morning between one and two o'clock a neighbour named Oxley who is employed as a foreman in the South Eastern Railway and who lives next door to the Ark was disturbed by a roaring noise and things falling about and on getting up discovered that the house was on fire. He quickly raised the alarm and Mr. E. T. Way, the superintendent of the railway station, having been aroused, he at once ordered the engine of the company to the spot and set on as many of the railway employees as could be found to work it. For some little time, inconvenience was experienced from the want of water, but the hose was ultimately connected with the immense reservoir from which the railway engines are supplied and an abundance of water was by this means obtained until the town mains could be charged.

This was speedily done, Mr. Superintendent Coram, the captain of the fire brigade, attending in command of the regular brigade as well as a large contingent of the volunteer brigade who conveyed between them the extinguishing apparatus and also the fire escape. Fortunately the latter was not required.

The apparatus was speedily brought into very effective application, the force of the water from the mains causing the tiling of which the side of the burning premises was composed to rattle down like hailstones.

Great credit is due to all who were employed in extinguishing the fire which no doubt would have proved very disastrous to the densely packed property in the neighbourhood but for the timely discovery of the man named Oxley and the prompt assertions that were made by all in rendering assistance.

We regret to say that this man has sustained injury to his furniture in the efforts made to 'save it' by throwing it out of the windows and submitting it to destructive ordeals usually adopted by well meaning and panic stricken people on like occasions. His house was also much injured by the passage of the firemen through it in order to get to the most commanding situations for playing on the burning building. Oxley is not insured but in the case of the Ark the house and stock are insured to the full value, the house in the Atlas and the stock in the Phœnix (insurance companies).


Dover Express, 24 January 1863.


Among the builders' notices was one from Mr. J. Stiff of intention to connect the house of G. F. Jennings, Esq., with the main drains, and another from Messrs. Richardson and Anscombe, of intention to re-build the "Ark" public-house, Beach Street, destroyed by fire a week or two since as already reported.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 12 September, 1863.


EMERY Ebor of the "Ark," failed to answer his name at the Dover Police Court Annual Licensing day and therefore had to go to Broadstairs to get the license renewed.

Perhaps Ebor Emery never managed to get his licence renewed, as this is the last I heard of him.





MCKEEN/MACKEEN Henry 1841-58+ (age 26 in 1841Census) Melville's 1858

PERRY 1859

NORTH Henry 1861+ (age 44 in 1861Census)

EMERY Ebor to Sept/1863 Dover Express


Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


Melville's 1858From Melville's Directory 1858


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