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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1838

Almond Tree

Latest 1839

(Name to)

Laureston Place


Laureston Place

Above photo by Paul Skelton, 19 August 2009, showing Laureston Place today. Although the original building would not be the same as shown today.



I only glimpsed this once, in 1838 and 1839, when kept by John Stone. He is known to have kept two other houses in this street during the 19th century and it would be reasonable to suppose this could be one of them under it's first sign.

I am going to assume that as this house closed, the "Grove" opened, and if that is the case, I can number the house as being 5 Laureston Place but I have no definite evidence as yet.


Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 10 August 1839.

John Stone, beer-shopkeeper, charged with having his house open for the sale of beer during divine service on Sunday. Mr. W. Huntley stated that about half past eleven o'clock, he went to the "Almond Tree," where he saw 10 or 12 persons sitting with beer before them; and heard a boy order half a pint of beer, which he bought out of the house. The house was very disorderly, and his object in bringing this case before the Magistrates was, that the character of the house might be known to them. Stone, in his defence, said that the persons in his house were travellers who had arrived on a visit from Hardres Court, which he called as witnesses to prove. He also stated that the beer was given to the boy Wickers for bringing home a dish he had borrowed; and called the boy and his mother as witnesses, but they prevaricated in their evidences. The magistrates, after a long consultation, said that the fact of the beer being carried from the premises at the hour stated, was sufficient for conviction, and fined defendant 20s. including costs.



STONE John 1838-39 Next pub licensee had


Onto the "Grove."


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