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Earliest ????


Closed 2008

109 Elliscombe Road


Valley pre 2008

Above photo, pre 2008.

Valley demolition 2011

Above photo, 16 July 2011.

Valley location 2020

Above photo 2020, showing the location.

Valley sign 2008

Above sign 2008.


The pub was opened by former Charlton Athletic player Harold Hobbis in the 1960s, so is a relatively new pub. However, it closed in 2008 and was demolished in 2011.


From the By Darryl Chamberlain, 18 July, 2011.

Valley of doom – will you miss this lost pub?

The old Valley pub on Elliscombe Road has been demolished ahead of its conversion into flats. Opened by former Charlton Athletic player Harold Hobbis in the 1960s, the pub fell into decline in its final years and closed in the summer of 2008 following a robbery. Nine flats are to be built on the site.

The old pub did feature a huge photo of The Valley in its glory days as one of the country’s biggest stadiums. I believe that it was saved for posterity before the building was knocked down, unless you know different…


CHARLTONLANE July 18, 2011 / 20:32

Darryl – I sold that enormous photo on behalf of the owner a couple of years back…

Valley photo

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Historic Valley Photo for sale.

Anyone who drank in the now shut Valley Pub in Elliscombe Road can't fail to have noticed the impressive pieces of Charlton Athletic memorabilia. The pub sign was a classic to start with although it's rotting away out-of-reach (for now). The toilets also had glass portholes sporting engraved footballs and then there was that blown-up photograph taken in a bulging Valley as a Charlton player side-steps the visiting goalkeeper and looks about to score. You know, the one above.

The picture hung in an appropriate frame on the right-hand side wall in the main bar and measured c 6 x 4. That's feet, not inches. I always looked admiringly and sub-consciously checked the fixtures that secured it to the wall. It's a grainy image close-up but it's a striking picture from ten feet and not in bad condition for it's age although I have had to trim six inches off the bottom as it had been damaged since being out of it's frame (already excluded from this shot). My photograph of the picture shown here was taken from ten feet with the picture lying on the decking in my garden, hence the slight brown edging at the top and right of the shot! The picture is actually about four inches larger at the left-hand side which puts the action more in perspective, but I couldn't quite get the whole shot in frame despite attempts at cropping it. I have tried, but I still can't spot anyone in the crowd without a flat cap or a trilby.

Anyway, I have been asked to see what interest there might be as the current owner is keen to sell and would like to think that the picture might be bought by someone who could put it back on public display, although will sell for an appropriate price irrespective. Any offers gratefully received.


JEFF BOLTON April 28, 2015 / 18:09

I used to play football with a team from the pub , we used to meet and go to play football on Saturdays, Spring court was the name of the team and we won a cup. Not sure if where was any pictures of the team on the wall.




HOBBIS Harold 1960s+


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