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7 Aug 2021

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Rewind Bar

Open 2021+

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7 New Street



Rewind Bar 2020

Above photo August 2020.

Rewing Bar 2022

Above photo 2022.


Very little known about this one but it seems to change name on a very regular basis.

Operating as a club rather than a traditional pub it seems to last a very short time indeed before it has a revamp, change of name and probably owners as well. Over the years it's been known as "Bassmental," "Soul Bar," "Silk Bar," and "Source Vodka Bar," "Auction House," "Lot 7," but no idea yet as to what order and the years, or perhaps months or possibly days they lasted with these names.

Local knowledge and photographs if anyone has any would be appreciated.

I believe currently (2021) it is still running under the name of "Rewind Bar." But going on past experience of name changes local knowledge needed thanks.


From the  By Charlie Harman. 31 July 2020

Rewind Bar coming to Ashford's New Street on Friday, August 7.

A bar celebrating the 1970s, 80s and 90s is celebrating its opening day today.

The Rewind Bar is filling the former Auction House site on Ashford's New Street following a massive redesign to convert it into a retro paradise.

Rewind Bar inside 2020

How the new bar looks inside. Pictures: Barry Goodwin.

Conceived before lockdown began, the pandemic has provided ample time for the idea to be fully realised.

Owner Wendy Richardson says Covid-19 has "made made me focus on getting fully ready to open in August".

"Originally the idea was for it to be a live 70s, 80s and 90s music bar, but because of Covid-19 that's not quite possible yet," she said.

"In the meantime we'll have some background music from the period and video projections to instil that atmosphere."

Ms Richardson, 38, got the lease after being in a 1980s-themed band and having always dreamt of opening a bar dedicated to the decade.

Rewind Bar staff 2020

Staff are looking forward to opening the site next week.

Today's launch isn't what she had hoped for due to virus restrictions, so she's hoping for a grander affair somewhere down the line.

The Godinton resident said: "We're definitely going to try and get in an 80s band to come and launch it, but it's very hard to know when we can do it."

Supplying retro cocktails alongside the usual fare, the bar owner is hoping to create a welcoming and relaxed environment at the New Street spot.

She noted: "It's not a club, it's a bar. It'll open until 1am, but I just want to create a friendly place where people can meet up and have a few drinks."

Ms Richardson - who also runs a dance studio - is a qualified fitness instructor and aims to run fitness classes in the bar using music from her selected era.

The Rewind Bar is not the first drinking establishment to take up residence in the New Street unit.

Former tenant the "Auction House" had its license revoked in 2017 after a series of of glass attacks, with the venture reopening in May 2018 following renovation work.

The bar was then rebranded as "Lot 7," but closed within a year.

Rewind Bar inside 2020

Eye-catching artwork features in the town centre bar.

This was followed by another hopeful, who restored the name the "Auction House" and heavily renovated and refurbished the building and garden.

Unfortunately by last July, this new iteration of the "Auction House" had also had to shut its doors.


This one seems a bit strange as well as I have just found a nightclub called Rewind 80s Bar on a Facebook page created 11 March 2011, although it gives the address of The Warehouse, Station Road, so obviously a different one. However, I think this was actually the name of the bar inside the Hustle Nightclub.



RICHARDSON Wendy 7/Aug/2020+


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