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12 Dec 2014

Long Pond

Open 2020+

110 Westmount Road


020 8331 6767 & 07921-579781

Abbey Plumbers 2012

Above Google image, May 2012.

Long Pond 2019

Above photo 2019.

Eltham Railway 1920s

Above photo showing the former Eltham Railway station building, circa 1920.

Long Pond location 2021

Above Google image, August 2021.


Situated in a former plumbers' merchant shop near the entrance to the long closed Eltham Park railway station, this deceptively extensive micropub opened on 12th December 2014 and is named after the Long Pond in Eltham Park North, a short walk away.

Although open in 2020, the Covid 19 shutdown remains after 4th July as they say:- "The measures and conditions that we would have to implement would not allow us to be the pub we were. Our premises is simply too small to follow social distancing measures, even the new reduced limit." However, they are watching the situation and hope to open when they feel it is safe to do so.


From the By Jim Palmer, 8th December 2014.

Banker Michael Wren gives up City job to open Eltham's first micropub The Long Pond.

A banker has given up his career in the City to open Eltham’s first micro pub after having an ‘epiphany’.

Dad-of-two Michael Wren is set to open The Long Pond in Westmount Road on Friday, December 12.

The boozer will be the town’s first micro pub, an expanding trend which started in Kent where – as the name suggests - shops are converted into small pubs.

They tend to focus in fresh, local ales and the entertainment comes from chatter between punters rather than music or TV.

Michael’s parents moving to Tankerton, near Whitstable, last year ignited his dream.

He said: “My dad told me about the micro pub (The "Tankerton Arms") and he said you have got to come and see it, you will love it.

“I hadn’t been to one before.

“What I found when I went in there, it just blew me away.

“Within seconds I was laughing. It was the most friendly place I have been in.”

He added: “I said ‘I have got to do this’.

“For the first time in my life I had an ambition. It was like an epiphany.”

It took just seven months for the 49-year-old to give up his job in the City, where he had worked for 30 years, and work towards opening his own pub.

Michael thoroughly researched the venture and spent a lot of time discussing it with locals - including councillors, housing associations, shops and MP Clive Efford – before going through the planning and licensing process.

He was overwhelmed by the positive reaction.

In September, he took over an old plumber’s merchants in Westmount Road and set about transforming it with old school friend, builder Steve Geden and Chris Evans.

He said: “It’s amazing what we have achieved. We have had a good team of local people doing it.”

The Long Pond is now ready to open its doors and excitement is building, with a fanbase already on social media and word spreading around town like wildfire.

“The interest is just amazing,” said Michael.

In keeping with other micro pubs, The Long Pond (named after the popular Eltham landmark) will serve a changing roster ales predominantly from Kent’s 35 to 40 micro brewers, as well as others from the area including Woolwich’s Hop Stuff.

Ciders and wines will also be served, including Kent’s award-winning Chapel Down wines, though there is no place for lagers or mass produced brews.

Snacks such as pork pies and ploughman’s lunches will be available, though Michael wants to complement the surrounding cafes not compete with them.

He said: “It’s somewhere for local people to walk up to and meet friends and see people. It is not a place to go and get drunk, it’s a place to go and talk with friends and have a laugh.”

The Long Pond opens at 5pm on Friday, December 12.


From the By Jim Palmer, 15th December 2014.

Eltham’s first micro pub has opened its doors after months of work to transform it from a plumber’s merchant, and here are the results.

The Long Pond – named after the popular landmark in Eltham – was the dream of dad-of-two Michael Wren (pictured) who gave up a career in the city.

Michael Wren 2012

The 49-year-old, who was born and raised in Eltham, was inspired after visiting a micro pub when staying with his parents, who had recently moved near to Whitstable.

Michael said he wants The Long Pond, in Westmount Road, to be a sociable, friendly place where people go to ‘talk with friends and have a laugh’.

There is no music, TV or games machine, just a wide range of Kent-brewed ales plus ciders and wines.

Long Pond owners

From left: Aaron Thompson, Michael Wren, Chris Evans and Steve Geden, project manager.





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