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Earliest 1874

Unknown Off License

Never opened

Cottage at Rusthall



As far as I know this premises never opened. Unless it is the same as the other "Unknown Off Licence" I have listed in Rusthall.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 2 October, 1874.

Miss Mary Ann Barratt applied for a certificate to sell beer off the premises at a cottage at Rusthall.

Mr. Cripps, solicitor, supported the application.

The case has been adjourned for additional evidence as to the rating, and Mr. Harry Corfield, the collector of Poors' Rates for Rusthall parish, now attended, and proved that the property was rated at 13 10s. per annum, while a second cottage, which had been included by Miss Barrett originally in her application, was rated at 6 10s.

The Magistrates' clerk having referred to the Acts as to the rating qualification, said the only point which the Magistrates had to decide was whether the house, which was situated at Rusthall, within the Tunbridge Wells Local Act District, was a part of the town, in which case the qualification must be 16, or whether it was in Speldhurst parish and required an annual rateable value of 11.

Mr. Cripps submitted that although the property was in the Local Act District it could not be considered as in the town of Tunbridge Wells.

The Bench, however, held that the premises were in the town, and declined to grant the certificate on the ground that the rating as not sufficient.

Mr. Cripps asked for a case, which was at once granted.

The Clerk said by that case the Bench will get a decision on 2 points. In the first place whether any rating qualification was necessary for outdoor licences, and in the second place the proper amount for the qualification in a case like the one before them.

Mr. Burton asked that the case might be so worded that the case which had been decided against him might be included. It escaped him at the moment, or he should have raised the point whether any rating qualification was really necessary.

Mr. Wigg:- If Mr. Burtons case is included he may have to pay half the costs.

Mr Burton:- And if your worships put in an appearance in answer to the case, you may have to pay my share of the costs as well as the others.




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