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Earliest 1864-

Noble Tree

Latest 1864+

Cross Roads



Situated in one of the cottages on the corner of the cross roads this was opened as a beershop for the navvies when the railway was being built.


Local Newspaper, 3rd October 1864.

A Serious Assault.

Charles Matthews was charged with assaulting Police-constable Holman, at Hildenborough, on the 24th Sept.

Police-constable George Holman, stationed at Stocks Green, said:- On Saturday night, when he had just left "Noble Tree" beer house, kept by Mr. Wickens, where he has had been sent to quell a row, the prisoner came in front of him, struck him on the nose with his fist, and made it bleed. He said, "Now, I'll be hung for you; now I have my brother here." They were standing just outside with stones in their hands. They all then closed round him, and he got them apart and knocked the three down with his staff. The prisoner then said, "Murder him." Witness called for Wickens to help him, and as he was coming the prisoner struck him on the back of the head with a stone. He fell down, and the three closed round him. Wickens and a man named Hayes assisted him, but not until he was down. All the three kicked him violently in the ribs and arms. With the assistance giving him he handcuffed the prisoner and brought him to Tonbridge.

Mr. Edward Wickens confirmed the statement of the Constable, and said the row was between the prisoner and his brothers, and he sent for Police-constable Holman. Something serious would have happened if the Constable had not attended assistance.

Horace Hayes, a labourer on the railway, also gave evidence, and Superintendent Dance stated that when Holman brought the prisoner to the station he (the constable) was very exhausted, and his clothes much torn.

Prisoner offered him 50 to let him out on bail.

The Bench sentenced the prisoner to 2 months' imprisonment without giving him the option of a fine.



WICKENS Edward 1864+


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