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17 Mar 2018

Kentish Belle

Open 2020+

8 Pickford Lane

Bexley Heath

020 3417 2050

Kentish Belle 2018

Above photo 2018.

Kentish Belle 2018

Above photo 2018.

Kentish Bells 2019

Above photo 2019.

Kentish Bells sign 2019

Above sign 2019.


Classed as a micro-pub, open on 17 March 2018. Named after a train and raises money to restore old trains.


From the 20th March 2018.

The Kentish Belle microbrewery in Bexleyheath sold nearly 1,000 pints on its opening day.

Beer enthusiasts in Bexleyheath celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style this year at the opening of a brand new microbrewery.

The Kentish Belle’s pub opened to the public at midday on Saturday, March 17 and sold more than 900 pints by closing time.

The pub, in Pickford Lane, offered two beers that had been specifically produced for the opening day - both stouts, of course.

At a soft opening on Friday evening, local businesses were invited to visit for drinks and Bexley Mayor Peter Reader formally opened the building.

In its opening week, the microbrewery is hosting a pub quiz in aid of Prostate Cancer UK, and will be partnering with Canterbury's Wantsum Brewery to feature its beers across the weekend.

Nicholas Hair, pub landlord, said: "We can't thank our new customers enough for coming in, enjoying the beer, complimenting us on the decor and atmosphere and making us feel welcome in the community.

“We certainly hope we will be here for a while to come."

The Kentish Belle will be open seven days a week, closing at 10pm Monday to Wednesday, 11pm Thursday through Saturday, and 8pm on a Sunday.


From the  9 September, 2018.

Attempted burglary of Bexleyheath’s Kentish Belle Micropub.

Three thieves attempted to break into the Kentish Belle micro pub earlier today yet didn’t reckon on the landlord being there – and were scared off.

The police reacted quickly and caught two of the three in nearby streets.

They pub stated: “It is also naturally worth saying that, in the face of continued cuts and such, the Police officers who attended were absolutely marvellous.

They were understanding, professional, polite and empathetic and appreciated the seriousness of the incident. We want to thank them all, who may or may not see this, for ‘riding to our rescue’ and for always being there to protect us”.

The Kentish Belle is the first Micropub to open in Bexleyheath and will be open as normal tomorrow. It’s at 8 Pickford Lane near Bexleyheath station if you haven’t been. The micro pub concept has taken off big in Bexley Borough, and this one offers a range of ales and gin and regular quizzes and events. Well worth a visit.



HAIR Nicholas 17/Mar/2018+


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