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Earliest 2014-

Bridge Bar

Open 2020+

2-4 High Street


Bridge Bar 2015

Above photo 2015.

Bridge Bar 2015

Above photo 2015.

Bridge Bar 2019

Above photo showing the bar 2019.


This is classed as a nightclub with cocktail bar. Certainly operating in 2014 but as yet I don't know when it first opened.


From the 15 June 2017.

Beckenham nightclub has licensing application approved by council even after appeal from police.

The bar can temporarily extend its opening hours to 4am.

A nightclub in Beckenham has had an application to extend its opening hours approved by Bromley council even after an appeal from police.

The Bridge Bar in the High Street, will be allowed to stay open until 4am, as a one-off, on Sunday, June 18, after a temporary event notice submitted to the council was approved by the licensing sub-committee on Wednesday, June 14.

After the initial application, the police filed an objection stating that the event would undermine its crime and disorder objective.

A letter from police constable Andrea O’Donnell, stated: “This whole area is frequented by large numbers of people, many of whom are drunk by the end of the evening. The street can become busy as they look for food or seek to leave the area either on foot or on public transport.

“Bridge Bar has a history of incidents involving drunkenness and violence and at the end of 2014 the venue was subject to a review. However since that time police recognise that the premises does cooperate with police and has committed to the Beckenham triangle street marshal scheme. It is also accepted that some of the reported incidents are due to the premise acting as police would expect, refusal of entry for example, detaining suspects where it is safe to do so and assisting with investigations.

“However reported violent crime attributed to this venue continues and this is clearly at odds with the Crime and disorder licensing objective.

“Police ask that this temporary event notice is refused.”

However, the council decided to grant permission for the event to go ahead after giving the venue a list of licensing conditions, including: working with a licensing consultant, having six street marshalls to aid dispersal, liaison with taxi firms to ensure extra cars are available, making all patrons leaving after 2.30am do so via the station exit, and giving away free bottled water to everyone on their way out.

A spokesperson for the licensing sub-committee said: “It decided that it was fair and proportionate to allow the temporary event to proceed as the licence holder had demonstrated that they had taken sufficient steps to mitigate any adverse effect on the crime and disorder objective.”




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