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From the By Lydia Chantler-Hicks, 24 June 2019.

 New wine bar could open in Whitstable despite church concerns.

Plans for a new "half-Croatian" wine bar in Whitstable have taken a step forward - despite concerns about its impact on a nearby church.

Ed Thomas hopes to open his business in the former Kites and Things premises in Oxford Street which was run by his parents Andy and Suzi for 27 years, until its closure earlier this month.

But the 26-year-old's proposal has been met with concern from St John's Methodist Church in Argyle Road, which is adjacent to the premises.

Committee member Russell Feast believes the bar will have a detrimental effect on those using the church - including children, families and elderly people.

The church also hosts the Haven Project - which offers homeless people the chance to use laundry and washing facilities.

At a hearing last week, he told city council licensing committee members: "They're very vulnerable people. Many want to get away from the noise and abuse they often suffer.

"A quiet environment is something we favour very much in terms of looking after their interests."

"The church is used by a number of user groups, related to alcohol and drug abuse.

"We feel it inappropriate that we are next door to a drinking establishment when we are hosting people who are trying to recover from that situation.

"We have a concern about noise and fumes and smoke that might permeate through the windows on that side of the building.

"Young people will listen to conversations - they'll pick up words."

But the city council's licensing sub-committee granted the licence after Mr Thomas offered re-assurances.

Ed Thomas plans to open the new wine bar in the former Kites and Things shop.

He said he will "take all measures possible" to avoid noise problems - adding that the venue will be a lounge wine bar, rather than a loud club.

"I'll do everything I can to make this a respectable space - to offer good customer service and a nice asset to the town, rather than a chain coming in and doing something else," he told the committee.

He explained his concept for the bar stems from his own half-Croatian nationality.

The venue - which he plans to name Amedea after his grandmother - will "not be a novelty bar where you are greeted by someone playing the accordion".

Instead, he plans to incorporate subtle decor, and sell wines, spirits and cold platters of prosciutto, cheese and olives.

Neither does he believe the church's close proximity to be a problem.

"It's not like you're looking at the church and there's a bar next to it," he responded at the meeting. "It is around the corner, on a different road."

He says drinking will not be allowed outside the venue, while a small smoking area to its rear will close at 9pm.

"I will really put everything into this and respect the neighbours as part of that," he added.

But the opening of the new business still rests with the council's planning committee which will tomorrow decide whether the change of use should be granted. Officers are recommending approval.

Church representatives could still make it difficult for the new bar, however.

They say Kites and Things had a long-standing agreement with St John's, by which they were allowed to transport waste cardboard boxes - stored behind the shop - through an alley running beside the church and onto Argyle Road for collection.

But church officials said they will not allow this arrangement to continue if the wine bar goes ahead, due partly to the church's strict policy of not allowing alcohol on its premises.

Church Committee member Brian Pestell said: "As we don't particularly agree with this bar being set up, we wouldn't make an exception.

"It seems to me that all the empties will have to be taken through the front of the shop. But we don't feel that is a particularly positive step as far as Oxford Street - a very congested road with a narrow pavement - is concerned."

But Mr Thomas responded: "Whatever business was in that premises, waste needs to go somewhere, whether it's at the front or rear. It seems you have objections to both."

If it gets further approval from the planning committee tomorrow, the bar will be open from 10am until 11.30pm Monday to Thursday, 10am until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, and noon until 11.30pm on Sundays.



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