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Earliest 1548

Seagraves Alehouse

Latest 1692+

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The inn was built in the year 1548, and records show that it was serving beer from the earliest records found in 1627. It was obviously named after the family that owned and ran the pub.

By 1709 the name had changed to the "White Hart."


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Our we know it.

This is the history as it was passed on to us.

The inn now (2018) known as "The Bo Peep" was built during the reign of King Edward VI (1547-1553), in the year 1548 and was originally called "The White Hart". The original inn sign of "The White Hart" dates back to the reign of King Richard II (1377-1399) who wore the crest as a favoured symbol. Though not of that period, two windows engraved with a hart are to be seen in the front bar.

When first built the property was a farm dwelling forming part of a considerable estate. The earliest recorded occupant is one Anthony Quayffe who is mentioned in the Tythe Roll of 1605, when Cedric Elfike purchased the property. The transaction is recorded as thus:-

"One messuage and 12 acres of arable land formerly held by one Henry Wooten and previously by Anthony Quayffe purchased by said Henry Elficke from James Kitchell, rent 2s and 4d for a plough share, 1d for one hen and 12 eggs and service of two men for one day."

In 1627, the property was purchased by one Caleb Seagrave, recorded as a hop grower and farmer of the parish of Knockholt. In 1633, Seagrave applied for and was granted an Ale and Cider License. A Quarter Sessions Roll and Order book from that period then records him as a Hop Grower and Beer Retailer of the parish of Chelsfield. In the same two sources the property bears no title but merely recorded as "Seagrave's Bere House". At this time Seagrave probably brewed and sold his own brand of ale.

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SEAGRAVE Caleb 1627+

SEAGRAVE Charlotte 1641+

SEAGRAVE Elias 1648+

BUCKMAN Thomas 1659+

MULBERRY Jonathan 1665+

EBBGATE Samuel 1679+

JESSUP Thomas 1692+


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