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From the Thanet Advertiser, Friday 10 February 1939.

BARS BANNED. Greater facilities at Ramsgate hotels.

Applications by two Ramsgate hotels for full licences formed the principal business at the annual Brewster Sessions for the Borough of Ramsgate, held at the Town Hall, on Friday.

In the case of one of them "St. Mildreds Hotel" - the licence was granted on condition that no bar was constructed but in the case of the other - "Popular Hotel" - the bench consented to a restricted licence for all classes of liquors to be supplied to residence and those taking genuine meals only.

Dry Meetings.

Mr. Jackson made application for removal of restrictions in the licence of "St. Mildreds Hotel." When the licence was granted, he said, conditions were imposed that liquor should only be supplied to persons residing on the premises and to person who used the hotel for meals as a restaurant.

The effect of this restriction was that if a residents had a friend calling upon him that friend could not be supplied. Also a number of clubs, committees, and other organisations held meetings at the hotel but it was not possible to serve drinks to persons attending them.

Mr. Jackson said they were asking for a full licence with the restriction that there should be no bar. There was no intention to turn the premises into a public house. It was purely a private hotel.

The application was granted subject to the condition that there should be no bar.

What he described as a "fantastic position" with regard to the premises was explained by Mr. Jackson when he applied on behalf of Mr. James Marzetti for a full licence in respect of the "Popular Hotel."

Mr. Jackson said when the previous licence was granted a condition was made that it should be for beer and wines only and that liquor should be supplied only two persons having genuine meals on the premises.

They must be hungry too.

The premises were a genuine hotel with large numbers of people staying there but they could not be served with drink, although they were residents, unless they had a meal. Even if people had a meal they could not be supplied with spirits a glass of whiskey or a cocktail containing gin.

Clubs and other organisations used the hotel for meetings but they could not be supplied with drink nor could liquor be supplied to people attending wedding parties unless a meal was taken.

Opposing on behalf of the "Admiral Harvey," "Crown Hotel," and "Royal Hotel," Mr. M. C. C. Daniel suggested that the requirements of the public could be met because of the proximity of other licensed premises.

Evidence was given by Mr. Marzetti who said it was extremely inconvenient to send out for liquor especially in cold and wet weather.

Replying to Mr. Daniel, he said there was a certain class of people who liked to come in because there was no bar. He had no intention of establishing a bar.



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