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Crystal Palace Hotel

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Crystal Palace


Crystal Palace is right on the border of Kent and Sussex, and I have managed to trace 14 pubs so far, but as yet have no pictures or details.

Further information to follow, but local knowledge required.


From the Era, Sunday 9 March, 1862.

ANNUAL LICENSING MEETINGS. Croydon Division, March 1st.

There were seven applications for new licenses.


The next was on behalf of Mr Henry Salmon Gifford, for the "Cambridge Restaurant Hotel and Boarding House," Norwood. Mr. Drummond supported this application, and said it was one of the most important that had come before the Bench for some years; at least he conceived it was the most important application that day. The house was frequented by foreigners as well as English. From its position there was a good view of the Crystal Palace, and the kind of accommodation to be afforded in the house was different to what was afforded at other hotels. He admitted that there were no stables, but contended that they were not required for such a house. There was no bar, and the applicant did not intend to have one, nor a tap-room.

The house would afford the combined accommodation of an hotel and a boarding house. He was told that there was a lease of twenty-one years, at a rental of 240 per annum. There were twenty-four rooms. The petition was read, from which it appeared that the house was near the season-ticket entrance of the Crystal Palace Railway, and from July last it had been patronised by between sixty and seventy families of distinction. The applicant formerly managed the "Crystal Palace Hotel," and kept the tap for two years. It was expected that the new Exhibition would cause a much larger number of visitors to the Crystal Palace than there had been for years past.

Mr Drummond said it appeared that the lease had not been effected, but there was an agreement for it, and if the Bench adjourned the application, he would get the lease executed. The Bench consulted, and after some time the Chairman said the majority of the magistrates would grant a license on the lease being completed and presented at the adjourned day.



GIFFORD Henry Salmon pre 1862


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