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Earliest ????


Closed June 2010

18 Farleigh Avenue


Beacon 2008

Above Google image, June 2008.

Beacon 2008

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Beacon 2009

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Beacon location 2017

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A 1970s pub in the middle of a housing estate, sadly closed in June 2010. The building was later demolished to make way an erection of semi-detached dwellings in place.


From the by PubSpy, 29th December 2005.

Beacon (The), Hayes.

Drink 3/5, Decor 3/5, Food n/a, Price 3/5, Atmosphere 4/5, Staff 4/5.

Visiting a friend's house for a few drinks is a very pleasant way to escape the cold on a winter evening. There is always cold beer and a well-stocked fridge and freezer but no hassles or worrying about whether someone's going to give you a Glasgow kiss if you accidentally tread on their toe or glance at their unattractive wife.

Surrounded by a thick hedge on a quiet residential street, the Beacon, Farleigh Avenue, Hayes, is a friend's house in pub form.

It is a good old-fashioned pub and does not try to be anything else.

The main bar is adorned by regulars who have probably known each other for years.

A television plays a music channel while the big screen is waiting to be pulled down for people to watch the football.

Everything seems dark and smoky and, just like one of my friend's houses, women are few and far between.

I counted just two and that includes the barmaid.

This means the men are able to relax while sipping a pint and talking about rubbish.

I enjoyed a cool and refreshing pint of Toby's Bitter for 2.30.

There was no food available when I visited but I did see a sign suggesting the pub had a separate dining area.

I also saw a sign saying fresh seafood was on sale which would fit this picture perfectly as the locals would look very comfortable picking from a bowl of whelks.

Whether they could actually manage to eat depends on whether they would be able to tear themselves away from the barmaid.

As well as being a manly pub, this is also a pub for the community to enjoy.

Everyone is busy raising money to help a young girl to walk while they drink.

There are also fundraising certificates from the Royal National Lifeboat Institute hung on the walls.

The Beacon may be hidden by a hedge as opposed to shining brightly but it is a very enjoyable place for a quiet midweek drink.




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