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Earliest 1851-

Rock Inn

Latest 1891+

Chipstead Common



Southeastern Gazette, 29 March 1853.

Petty Sessions. March 26. (Before Lord Holmesdale, chairman, C. R. C. Petley and J. P. Atkins, Esqrs., and Captain Northey).

James Handlery v. John Wood.

An information by the superintending constable against the defendant, who Keeps the "Rock Inn," Chipsted-common, for allowing gaming in his house on February 17th. Mr. Carnell, solicitor, Sevenoaks, appeared for the defendant, who pleaded guilty, and was fined 10s. and costs.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Monday 19 September 1870.

Sevenoaks. Police Court, Friday.

Before M. Lambard Esq. and Major German.

George Waters was charged with having embezzled the sum of 2s., received on account of his master, Mr. John Edward Poole, of the "Rock Inn," Riverhead.

Mr. Poole stated that the prisoner had been employed by him as a general servant, but left him sometime since. He was in the habit of sending him on errands with money.

On the 4th August last, he sent the prisoner to the wharf at the Bat and Ball station for a quarter of a ton of coals, and gave him 5s. to pay for them. On the 17th ult. he sent in for another quarter of a ton, and gave him 5s. to pay for them. Had never received any of the money again.

Henry Hards, wharfinger for Mr. Wickes, said he knew the prisoner as Mr. Poole's servant. He was in the habit of getting coals from the wharf. Remembered the prisoner calling for 400 weight of coals, on the 4th of August, with which he was supplied. He (witness) weighed them, and made an entry in his book produced. Prisoner paid him for 4s. for them. He did not give any receipt, as it was not the custom to give receipts the small quantities, unless specially asked for. On 17th August, prisoner was supplied again with 400 weight of coals for which he paid 4s and he entered the same in the book. The agreement was to supply Mr. Poole with any quantity, at 1s. per hundred weight.

The prisoner wished to have the case disposed of by the Bench, and was there upon sentenced to 1 day's imprisonment with hard labour.



WOOD John 1853-61+ (also master carpenter aged 62 in 1851Census)

POOLE John Edward 1870+

WALKER John 1891+ (age 64 in 1891Census)




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