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Earliest ????

Phoenix Railway Club

Open 2017+

Crabble Road


I still have to research this one.

I do know it was originally called the "Railway Club" and was the British Rail members club.

Further details, if anyone has any, please forward to me via the email address below.


From the Dover Express, 12 Jun2, 2014. By Mike Sims.

To the winners the spoils, or maybe not.

Pool team claim they are still waiting for their trophies.

Phoenix pool team

EMPTY HANDED: Members of the Phoenix Knights pool team.

A TRIUMPHANT pool team claims they have still not received their trophies, several months after topping their league.

Phoenix Knights, who play at the Pheonix Railway Club, won the second division of the White Cliffs Dover Pool League.

But members missed the trophy presentation in February after a mix up with dates, and claim they still have not been given their individual prizes.

Member Malcolm Woodgate, 55, said: “The team pays 25 to enter per season and that is supposed to cover things like trophies, yet we won the league and haven’t received them.

Dragging on.

“It’s not on. We missed the presentation due to a mix up with the dates, and this has been dragging on ever since.”

Of the six members of the team, one has reportedly received his trophy

From the league but Mr Woodgate insisted others are still empty-handed.

Mr Woodgate, a former mental health manager who is on longterm sick after a car crash near Kearsney in 2005, added: “We just want what’s rightfully ours.” League committee member Darren Burrows said he had heard there had been “issues” over the trophies and directed this paper to league chairman Nick Flynn.

Mr Flynn repeatedly said “no comment” when approached by the Express.

He added: “It’s got nothing to do with the Dover Express.

“They’ve had 28 weeks to get them. I keep getting stupid e-mails and as far as I’m concerned it’s all sorted.”

Mr Flynn then hung up.





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