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Nov 2017-

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Middle of the Road

Open 2021+

Mill Road


Middle of the Road 2017

Above photo, November 2017, by Rory Kehoe.

Middle of the Road sign 2022

Above sign 2022.


Originally called the "Welsh Harp" the pub closed in 2014 but reopened some time after with the name as simply "The Pub." This apparently didn't last that long as of November 2017 it was renamed the "Middle of the Road."

I am informed that of August 2018 the pub was under sale for an asking price of ,460,000.


From the By Brad Harper, 19 November 2019.

Ziggy's Barber Shop opens in Canterbury next door to Middle of the Road pub so punters can enjoy pint and trim.

Half-cut punters are a familiar sight for most pub landlords.

But one village boozer on the fringes of Canterbury is hoping its customers can enjoy a full trim after converting its dining room into a barber shop.

Middle of the Road barbers 2019

Customer Richard Gould from Littlebourne gets some essential reading in whilst Billie Jean cuts his hair.

Adam Papa, who runs the Middle of the Road, came up with the cutting-edge idea.

“It is all quite quirky really,” he said.

“There isn’t much in Sturry so it keeps the locals happy and it helps to put the village on the map.”

One of his enterprising employees is even doing shifts as a barmaid in the pub and then cutting hair at Ziggy's Barber Shop.

The dining room at the Middle of the Road - an extension to the building - was converted into a "retro" salon after planning permission was granted by Canterbury City Council.

Middle of the Road barbers staff 2019

Staff at Ziggy's Barber Shop, including manager Liam Minter on the right.

Ziggy's manager Liam Minter, 21, started barbering when he was 19 and has worked in about five different shops since.

“I was in the pub and the owner said he had an idea for me and I said 'I'm down for it' and took it,” he said.

“It is right in the middle of Herne Bay and Canterbury - local people say it saves them travelling all the way to Canterbury for a haircut.

“I have already got a five-star rating on my Facebook page.”

Mr Minter says since the shop opened he has also received praise from his customers for the free parking available outside.

The interior is decorated with vintage barber chairs and pictures of stars such as Rocky, Bruce Lee, and Muhammad Ali.

Ziggy's is open from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 6pm on Saturday.


I have been informed that as of 1st November 2021, the premises will be operating as a Turkish Restaurant.


From the By Jack Dyson, 23 December 2022.

'Rotting' Sturry pub to be transformed into new restaurant near Canterbury.

A village’s last-remaining pub could have crumbled to the ground in 10 years’ time if it was not snapped up by a Turkish restaurant chain, bosses claim.

Aspendos owner Necati Gunes bought the Middle of the Road – which was also equipped with a hair-cutting business – near Canterbury for 535,000 towards the end of last year.

Necati Gunes

One of the owners of Aspendos, Nick Gunes, stood outside the former pub in Sturry, near Canterbury.

Plans to transform the old Sturry boozer that dates back to the 1600s were last month given the green light, almost a year since papers were submitted to the city council.

But now Mr Gunes “regrets” having purchased the Grade II-listed building, as he will not be able to fully open his new venture until the site’s rotting joists are replaced.

“The building is in a very bad state – it needs major, major work,” he told KentOnline.

"At the moment, we’ve got temporary metal frameworks in place to stop it collapsing.

“We didn’t realise it was in this shape when we bought it – it was all hidden behind plasterboard.

“Do I regret buying it? Yes, I do.”

A report compiled by structural engineers lodged with the local authority states “the majority of the oak joists in the main building have significant deterioration through rot and insect attack”.

It adds the “condition of the first floor should be considered to be structurally compromised”.

Mr Gunes expects to fork out as much as 400,000 on refurbishing the former tavern.

The 46-year-old hopes to launch the takeaway arm of the business at the end of January, once work to transform the Middle of the Road’s former barber shop into a kitchen is completed.

The 78-seat eatery will then be launched in the summer.

“We want to start earning money from the takeaway side,” Mr Gunes added.

“Financially we have struggled a lot because of the delays to the decision. That building has cost me 3,500 every month.

“We’ve had to pay the mortgage and the rest of it, while turning nothing from the site.

Middle of the Road joists 2022

The floor joists within the Sturry building are said to be rotting.

“If we didn’t get that building, then in five or 10 years’ time, that building could have collapsed.”

The restaurant magnate – who runs 11 other sites across Kent – previously said his eatery, serving a range of kebabs, mezzes and seafood dishes, will employ between 20 and 25 people.

This comes as the former "Swan Inn" in Sturry High Street continues to sit empty in the centre of the village, having called last orders for the final time in 2011.

A decision on proposals put forward by private school King’s to restore the alehouse to its former glory, while also opening a bed-and-breakfast on the site, has not yet been made.

This is despite the fact the revival bid was launched last January.

Earlier this month, villagers complained there are “fewer and fewer places for people to meet" in Sturry, after plans to transform the old Kathton House restaurant into homes were revealed.

But Mr Gunes's brother Nick - who also owns the firm - insists locals will be able to congregate at his enterprise’s bar for drinks.

“People are more than welcome to come in, sit down and have a drink," he said.

"We're taking about six months to create the restaurant because we don't want to rush it."

Middle of the Road 2022

Canterbury City Council gave plans to transform the old Sturry pub into an Aspendos restaurant the go-ahead last month.

The Middle of the Road, perched on the triangular junction between the A28, Mill Road and Water Lane, dates back to the 17th century.

It is thought to have become the "Welsh Harp" in 1866 - a name it kept until 2014.

It later became known as "The Pub," and was later rebadged as the "Middle of the Road" in 2017, soon after which its dining room was converted into a barber shop.



PAPA Adam 2019+


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