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Earliest 1866-

Kent Arms

Latest 1883+

Blackwell Road

North Woolwich


Only found to date in a list of licensees from a local paper of 1866 and 1883.


The Kentish Independent, Saturday, 10 July, 1880.

Tuesday. Stealing A Shovel.

Jeremiah Leary, 55, labourer, of 8, Glenister Street, North Woolwich, was charged with stealing a shovel, value 2s 6d., from Mr. W. T. Henley, at the telegraph works, North Woolwich.

Henry Beasley, foreman for Mr. Henley, said the prisoner was seen leaving the premises with a shovel on Saturday morning. It has not been found yet.

William Wilmot said he saw the prisoner take the shovel out of the works on Saturday morning, and told him to leave it and he would take care of it. Prisoner said it was his own but witness knowing that it was not, told his foreman of the theft of it.

Police Constable Osborne, 403 K, said the prisoner was given into custody by Mr. Henley's private watchman. Prisoner was the worse for drink, and would not say what he had done with the shovel. As they were coming over the river that day prisoner said he had left the shovel at Mr. Murphy's, the "Kent Arms" public house, for some bear, and Mr. Stork had gone back to enquire about it.

Prisoner was then put back to await the arrival of Mr. Stork, who said he had been to the "Kent Arms," but both Mr. and Miss Murphy distinctly denied having seen the shovel.

Mr. Balguy ordered the prisoner to be detained until the next day, when Mr. Stork said that morning he heard that a man named White had brought a shovel from the prisoner for 1s. 6d. He had been to White's house, but White had gone to London. He had no doubt that the shovel purchased by White was a stolen shovel.

Prisoner said he was "boosed" at the time, and did not know what he did with it.

Mr. Balguy remanded him till Monday.


Kentish Independent, Saturday 25 August 1883.

The following applications to transfers were adjourned for certain formalities.

"Kent Arms," North Woolwich, proposed to be transferred from James Murphy to Charles Murphy.



BALL James 1866+

MURPHY James 1880-Aug/1883 Kentish Independent

MURPHY Charles 1883+ Kentish Independent


Kentish IndependentKentish Independent


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