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49 High Street



Just the one instance of this found at present. Without an address I am not sure where this was, but as the men in question came from the Chatham docks I will assume it was hear to this area.

This may well be the same pub that I have listed as the "Dolphin" in Brompton, although I have seen it mentioned as being in Chatham as well.


Maidstone Journal, 10 May, 1842.

On Monday and Wednesday the county Justices proceeded with the hearing of the information's against the publicans and beersellers of Chatham, whose cases had not come on at the last previous sitting.


The next information was against George Gingle, a beerseller in High-street, Chatham. The witness Richbull deposed that he had visited this beershop several times, and stated who and what he saw there, when the language used was beyond everything disgraceful. A witness was brought forward by the defendant to prove the females seen were domestic Servants who were kept to wait on commercial travellers, (in the sulphur and lucifer line,) and that no girls had been kept at the house since Christmas. As there was no previous conviction within twelve months, the defendant was lined 5 and costs for a first offence.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 18 March 1848.

Cutting and maiming.

Michael Moran, 25, indicted for cutting and wounding George Chapman, with intent to do him some grievous bodily harm, at Gillingham.

The Hon. Mr. Denman prosecuted.

It appeared that on the 16th October the prisoner went to Chatham dockyard, where he was at work as a bricklayer, and stayed twenty minutes, when his master told him there was no work, as labourers were gone; he then went to the "Dolphin" public house, where he saw the prisoner, with whom he had some beer; as he was leaving the house he received a blow on the head from some person which rendered him insensible; there was several wounds on his head, for which he was attended by a surgeon named Weeks; a person, named Gingle, was passing, when he heard a blow which shook the windows, and saw the prisoner with a pot in his hand, and the prosecutor lying on the ground in the passage covered with blood; a policeman name Tyler, was called and the prisoner given into custody.

Horn, the landlord, saw the prisoner striking the man with a pot, who was lying on his back covered with blood. He took the pot from prisoner, and struck him with his fists.

Mr. Weeks, a surgeon was called to Chapman whom he found supported by some men, and with several cuts on his head.

Eighteen months hard labour.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 02 November 1852.

Information against publicans.

William Horn, landlord of the "Dolphin" Public House, Gillingham, was charged with having his house open for the sale of beer at 11:20 o'clock on the forenoon on Thursday, 17th October. The case was proved by superintendent Everett, who saw persons in the house drinking. Find 1 and 1s. costs.



HORN William 1848-51+ (age 39 in 1851Census)


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