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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Michael Mirams & Paul Skelton

Earliest 1867-

Australian Arms

Open 2019+

45 Ashburnham Road


01843 591489

Australia Arms 1952

Above photo, 1952. Creative Commons Licence.

Australia Arms ledger

Thomson & Sons ledger. Creative Commons Licence.

Australian Arms

Above photo taken with permission from Saunders family web.

Australian Arms 2019

Above photo, 2019.

Australian Arms 2020

Above photo, 2020.

Australian Arms bar 2020

Above photo of the bar 2020.

Australian Arms sign 1991Australia Arms sign 2020

Sign left December 1991 with thanks from Brian Curtis Sign right, 2020.

Australian Arms pewter mug

Above pewter mug identifying J Hillson, date unknown. Kindly sent by Robert Bray.


Fred Wilmshurst came to Australia around 1953 to 1961 from England as a 10 Pom. He was Terry's best friend for more than 40 years. Fred worked at Tupperware at Ferntree Gully, Victoria, for 25 years. Fred sadly died in 2020. Perhaps someone remembers Fred from his times at the Australian Arms. Terry was wondering if anyone knew Ruby or if Ruby was still alive.

Best wishes from Kari Bignell, for Terry Camm.


Identified in Barry J White's list of Thanet's public houses and hotels 19th and early 20th century.

This was Margate's last surviving beer house when it finally gained its spirit license as late as the early 1960s.

During the 1990s the pub was operating under the name of the "Addington Arms" but reverted back again some time after 2011.


From the Thanet Advertiser, 14 December 1867.


December 11th, at the "Australia Arms," Mr. Peter Stokes, aged 61.


From the Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 9 August, 1884.

A petty and doubtful charge of drunkenness.

Henry Larkin was summoned for being drunk on the licensed premises of the "Australian Arms," in the occupation of Peter Stokes, on 23rd July.

Mr. A. B. Burrows appeared for the defendant, who pleaded not guilty.

P. S. Cashford said that at 8:30 p.m., on the 29th of last month ....

Mr. Burroughs:- That is not the day we are summoned for.

Superintendent Buss said the sergeant made the report on the 24th.

The report book was then sent for, and on Cashford referring to it he said he had made a mistake. It was on the 23rd, at about 8 o'clock, when he saw the defendant go into the "Australian Arms," kept by Peter Stokes, by the back way. He followed him in, and saw him seated with his head hanging down. Defendant was staggering drunk, or he would not have followed her him in. He called the landlord's attention to him, and he replied he had only just come in, and that he had not served him with anything. Stokes requested the defendant to leave the house.

Cross examined:- I was within six yards of the defendant when he staggered into the house. I followed about a minute afterwards. It is not my duty to order a man out of a house unless requested to do so by the landlord. I went out before the defendant. I did not say anything to him.

Cashford then asked whether he could repeat what the defendant said when he served the summons upon him.

Mr. Burrows objected, and said it was not admissible as evidence.

The Bench, however, decided to allow it, and Cashford then stated that when he served the summons upon defendant he said, "I know I had been drinking, but I was not disorderly; I was very quiet."

This being all the evidence for the prosecution, Mr. Burroughs submitted that there was nothing for him to answer.

The sergeant said he saw the man go staggering along into the house, and on following a minute afterwards found him sitting there with his head hanging down. He did not stop, however, till the defendant left, in order that he might see if he was in a state of intoxication or not, but went out without saying a word to him. The Magistrates certainly could not complete on such evidence as that, and he felt sure that when they had heard the evidence he was about to call they would dismiss the case.

The defendant was then sworn, and deposed that he lived at St Lawrence. He went to the "Australian Arms" on the evening in the 23rd of last month. He has heard what P.S. Cashford had said, and it was not true that he was in a state of intoxication. He was in the "Australian Arms" about a minute and a half, but had nothing to drink there. He had just come up from Ramsgate, and when he got to the house he sat down. He was tired after his walk. He did not tell P.S. Cashford that he (defendant) had been drinking. On leaving the "Australian Arms" he went straight home.

By superintendent Buss:- He did not remember having been in any public house in Ramsgate that evening before going up to St Lawrence. He went into the "Australian Arms" to sit down, as he was tired after his walk. His house was about 200 yards further on. It was not true that Mr. Stokes requested him to leave. He would swear he was sober. The reason he left so soon was because two other men had just been told to leave the house, and he thought he would leave too.

George Sutton, a labourer, residing next door to the "Australian Arms," said he recollected the evening of the 23rd July. He saw the defendant going into the public house; he was walking straight, comfortably, and leisurely along. That was between 7 and 8 o'clock. He saw the defendant came into the "Australian Arms" about 7:30 on the evening in question. He was followed within about three or four minutes afterwards.

Richard Crouch, a bricklayer, said he went into the "Australian Arms" about 5.45 p.m. on the day in question, and stayed there till nearly eight. The defendant came in and stopped a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes, not more. He was perfectly sober when he came in. Cashford did not come in till three or four minutes afterwards, when he asked for the defendant, who was sitting right in front of him. The landlord did not request Larkin to leave.

George Stokes, of 8, Alfred Cottages, said the defendant came into the "Australian Arms" about 7.30 on the evening in question. He was followed within about three or four minutes by Cashford. Larkin was sober, he was quite sure about that, and sat on the sofa opposite the door. He did not hear Cashford speak to the defendant, and he was certain the landlord did not request him to go.

The Chairman said there was no doubt that the defendant had been drinking; there seemed to be some doubt, however, as to whether he was drunk, and they would therefore give the defendant the benefit of it, and dismiss the case.

Edward Philpott and William Philpott had also been summoned for like a offence.

Superintendent Buss said the evidence in these cases was the same as in the last, and therefore he asked permission to withdraw them.


From the Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 13 March 1886.


March 6, at the "Australian Arms," Elizabeth Stokes, aged 80.


From the Thanet Advertiser, Friday 17 February 1928.


10th February 1903, at St Barnabas Church, Tunbridge Wells.

Frederick John Paul to Amelia white, both of Hampstead. Present address, "Australian Arms," St. Lawrence, Ramsgate.


Thanet Advertiser 20 April 1928.

RAMSGATE. Temporary Authority.

At Ramsgate, on Monday, the magistrates granted temporary authority to Mr. James Hudson to sell at the "Australian Arms" beer-house, St. Lawrence, in the place of Mr. Frederick Paul, who is taking over the licence of the "Elephant and Castle," Hereson-road, Ramsgate.


Thanet Advertiser 08 November 1938.


"Chilton Tavern," Ramsgate, did not reproduce their best form, on Monday, when they visited the "Australian Arms," Ramsgate, and were defeated in three straight legs.

Throughout all three legs the average of the "Australian Arms" players was considerably better than the "Chilton," although they needed all they had in hand for the finishing was close in two of the three games.

Chilton won the toss and for the first eight throws it was level pegging. Then they struck a bad patch and at the first check "Australian Arms" wanted 376 and their opponents 466. The scoring evened out again and when the home team wanted 12 the Tavern needed double 8. B. Laurence missed double 6 for the Arms and the Tavern split 16 to leave 5. With his second dart, however, F. Clapson threw double 3 to give the Arms victory, when the Tavern needed double 2.

In the second leg the "Australian Arms" scored steadily and at 496 were nearly 100 in the lead. They continued to enjoy the advantage and had three to "muck" when the Tavern required 136. Two players missed double one and things looked exciting when the Tavern got down to 32. B. Bax, the third Arms player to try for double one, made no mistake.

The final leg produced the two best individual scores of the match. Chilton won the toss but again their early throwing allowed the Arms to take the lead. The high scoring came midway through the leg when F. Clapson, for the Arms, returned 98 with two double-tops and 18. The next man to the board L. Coombs, of the Tavern, just managed to beat this with 100, made with a bull and two doubles. Holding an advantage of over 100 the "Australian Arms" forged ahead and B. Laurence went out on double 16, after the number had been missed once, when the Tavern required 70.

Teams: Australian Arms; B. Read. B. Clapson, B. Bax. B. Laurence, F. Clapson. J. Harris, B. MacGrath, B. Neeves.

Chilton Tavern: F. Osborne, S. Whichello. T. Avery, E. Belsey. H. Rose. L. Coombs, F. Humphries, B. Anstey.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 26 November 1974.


Ramsgate firemen dealt with a chimney fire at the "Australian Arms" public house. Ashburnham Road, Ramsgate, on Friday morning. A large area of ceiling had to be cut away to reach the blaze.




STOKES Peter to Dec/1867 dec'd

STOKES Elizabeth 1881+ (age 46 in 1881Census)

STOKES Peter 1884+

LAWRENCE John 1890-91+ Next pub licensee had (age 36 in 1891Census)

WOODGATE James 1901+ (age 35 in 1901Census)

FINNIS George 1903+

PAUL Frederick 1911-Apr/28 Next pub licensee had (age 29 in 1911Census)

HUDSON James Apr/1928+

HARRISON James 1930+

HUDSON James 1938-54

FORMAN R C 1954-56

BUSHELL E R 1956-July/59

RIVERS W G June/1959-63+





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