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181 High Road



In 1869-70 the pub was part of a consortium who were advertising their goods of selling tea in response to grocers' selling beer and wine. (Click for further details.)


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Kentish Mercury, Saturday 9 November 1844.


Obtaining money under false pretences. Monday.

Mr. Penny, landlord of the "Woodman Inn," Lee, next Blackheath, applied to Mr. Jeremy, the sitting magistrate, for his advice under the following circumstance.

He said that a person named Page, who had resided a few weeks at Lee, was in the habit of using his house, and a few days since shewed him a letter, dated from Norwich, stating that a relation named Page, had died and left him two freehold houses, and 680 in money, and the sooner he made his appearance in Norwich to receive the deeds and money, the better, as they were ready for him. Page then remarked that he could not go without an advance of cash, from some one, and asked applicant if he could assist in that respect. He agreed to do so, and was then invited to accompany his customer to Norwich, as a little recreation, all expenses were to be defrayed by Page. At three different times he advanced 43 fully believing he was correctly informed. They made ample preparations for the journey, and Page said he must go to two or three places in town, and would meet applicant at a specified time at the Eastern Counties Railway Terminus, London Station, that he had booked two places throughout to Norwich. He went accordingly, and was punctual to the time, but no Page was there, nor had any places been taken in his name. His supposed friend and customer had also run up a heavy account at the "Woodman," in addition to the money borrowed. He now fully believed that he had been swindled.

Mr. Jeremy said his only plan was to go to the superintendent of police, and state the facts of the case to him, and he had no doubt that he would communicate with the Norwich police, and if such a person had died, and the property had been left to his ungrateful friend, he would hear something of him. He Mr. Jeremy thought then that he might be apprehended, for obtaining under false pretences. The applicant then thanked the magistrate and withdrew.



PENNY Mr 1844+

CRIBB Amelia to May/1848

TANDY May/1848+

NELSON Robert to Sept/1852

DEADILLE Thomas Sept/1852+

SIDERY Joseph 1858+

PENNY Henry William Barnett to Aug/1862

LONG Agnes Aug/1862-Feb/64

BETTS James Edward Feb/1864-70+

FISHER William 1874+

GORDON Ann 1881-82+ (widow age 52 in 1881Census)

RIDLEY George 1891-1901+ (age 49 in 1891Census)

CRADDOCK T G jun 1905-11+

FOSTER Walter 1919+

LOE Edwin Cortney 1934+

CORDWELL Albert Ernest 1938-44+




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