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Earliest 1858-

Old Bridge Tavern

Latest ????

3 High Street


Old Bridge Tavern 1896

Above photo 1886. The Aveling and Porter works (manufacturers of steam rollers) is to the left. The approach to Rochester Bridge is in the foreground.

Old Bridge Tavern

Above photo, 1886.


A new premises was erected in 1888, the original being pulled down to make way for the extensions of Messrs. Aveling and Porter's agricultural engine and steam roller works. I have also seen this called "Ye Olde Bridge Tavern" which may have have referenced the original pre 1888.


Old bridge Tavern  postcard 1910

Above postcard, circa 1910. Shown second to left. Also showing "Cobham Inn."

Old Bridge Tavern 1910

Above postcard, circa 1910. "Cobham Inn" and "Old bridge Tavern" shown on left.


The "Old Bridge Tavern" used to stand next to the "Cobham Inn," in the High Street. The road was widened and the "Bridge Hotel" on the other side of the road was demolished. The "Old Bridge Tavern" was rebuilt into the Tudor fronted building on the left of the 1910 postcards.


Former Old bridge Tavern 2016

Above photo, circa 2016, by Jeffrey Le Boutillier.


Chatham News 30 May 1891.


Another fire occurred at Strood on Tuesday. At about two o'clock in the early morning, Police-sergeant Fishlock was passing "Ye Olde Bridge Tavern," in the High-street, when he noticed flames and a quantity of smoke issuing from the sitting room, situated immediately over the private bar. The officer at once aroused the inmates of the house, and summoned the assistance of other members of the police force, and the City Fire Brigade. Captain C. D. Levy, Lieutenant Dobson, Inspector Ryott, Firemen Turner, Bovingdon, Outram, Gill, Lynch, Betts, and Lee were soon upon the scene, and, having a good supply of water at command, they succeeded in subduing the flames within three-quarters of an hour of the outbreak. Unfortunately, however, the whole of the furniture and interior of the sitting room had been destroyed. The windows at the front of the house, the sign board, and furniture in other rooms, were also much damaged by smoke and water. The total damage is estimated at 150. Messrs. C. Arkcoll and Co. are the owners of the house, which was only erected some three years ago in the place of the premises which were pulled down to make room for the extension of the works of Messrs. Aveling and Porter. The property is insured in the Kent Fire Office, and Mr. A. Taylor's (the landlord) loss is covered by insurance in the Norwich Union. Superintentent Broadbridge attended at the fire, and in company with Police-sergeant Fishlock, Police-constables Barnes, Gowers, and Easdown, and River Police, Hills and Jennings, rendered great assistance to the Brigade. The origin of the fire is unknown.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser 03 September 1896.

Old Bridge Tavern, Strood.

The licence of the "Old Bridge Tavern," Strood, was transferred to Mr George H. Shirley, clerk to Messrs Arkoll, brewers, who are the owners. Almost immediately afterwards a Mr Dawson, represented by Mr Goldie, appeared and stated that as the previous holder had given up position to him and he was now in the house, the licence should be transferred to him. Mr W. Webb Hayward said that Mr Dawson was not the accepted tenant of the house. The Mayor said that the question could not be reopened.


Kent & Sussex Courier 04 November 1896.


A Receiving order has been made against Mr. J. Banks, late landlord of "Ye Olde Bridge Tavern," Strood.




NICHOLSON Michael 1858+

SANSOM Stephen 1862+

KETTLE Alfred to June/1869 Maidstone Telegraph

SOMAN Amelia June/1869+ Maidstone Telegraph

HOMEWOOD James Thomas 1874+

WEATHERLEY John 1881-82+ (age 50 in 1881Census)


TAYLOR Arthur James 1891+ (age 38 in 1891Census)

BANKS J pre 1896

SHIRLEY George Sept/1896+

GOULD Eli 1901+ (age 34 in 1901Census)

GOLDSWAIN Abraham 1903+ Kelly's 1903

MERSHAM Frederick 1913+



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


Maidstone TelegraphMaidstone Telegraph


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