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Earliest 1881

Moore Park Hotel

Closed 2000s

110 Woodvale

Forest Hill


I have only just added these pubs to my web, so information at present is a little sparse. Local knowledge, as well as photographs very welcome.

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From the South London Press, Saturday, 23 July, 1881.


The Moore Park Hotel is a building of some modern architectural pretensions, cleanly and substantially built, as viewed from the exterior, and stands about midway on the left of Grove Vale, about three minutes from Honor Oak station on the high-level line of the London, Chatham, and Dover Railway. It has been built not only for the usual accommodation of the inhabitants of the vast improving Moore Park estate, but also for the accommodation of visitors, the sleeping accommodation being especially good.

Ascending a handsome flight of well-carpeted stairs, the visitor finds before him on the first floor a most commodious assembly room, well lighted, ventilated, and decorated. On the same floor are ante-rooms and well-furnished private sitting-rooms, while just below is a magnificently arranged billiard-room. On the floors above are bedrooms fitted en suite, and from these windows there are most charming views. The culinary department seems to have been devised with special care and thought for the providing of large dinners; while at the rear there is stabling accommodation for 25 horses.

On Friday evening a dinner was given in the large room to celebrate the opening, when about 40 gentlemen sat down, amongst them being Messrs. Moore, Bye, sen. and jun., G. and C. Acock, Stokes, Finch, Watts, G. Pilgrim, Pankhurst, Toll, Dean, Etheridge, Glushier, White, Stinchcombe, Johnson, Brown, Blinkard, Goettler, Temple, Armitage, E. Freeman, Pardue, sen. and jun., Stebbings, Hopekirk, Dawre, &c.

The chair was taken by Mr. Bye, sen., and the vice-chair by Mr. Temple. The speeches were very brief, the company preferring some excellent vocal music, contributed by Messrs. Finch, Pankhurst, Temple, Pilgrim, T. Armitage, Hopekirk, and Master J. Bye, who gave a charming rendering of “In the gloaming,” which evoked a warm encore, and at the special request of the company the hostess sang two capital songs.

Mr. Stokes said they were all met to do honour to their old friend, Mr. Bye, and were spending with him a most pleasant evening. He, therefore, proposed “Success to the Moore Park Hotel,” which having been drunk with musical honours, the chairman responded on behalf of Mr. Bye, jun., the proprietor, and concluded by proposing “Prosperity to the Moore Park Estate and Success to its Tradesmen,” to which Mr. Pankhurst replied. "The Visitors" was proposed by Mr. Pardue, and responded to by Mr. Moore in an excellent speech, who later on also proposed the health of the vice-chairman, saying that although it was the first time he had seen him, he could tell he was a “fine old English gentleman." Mr. Temple briefly acknowledged the compliment, and the rest of the evening was devoted to harmony.


I am informed that this one closed in the early 2000s and has been replaced by a block of flats.



BYE E 1881+


WEBB Henry 1901+ (age 43 in 1901Census)

EVANS James George 1919+

HART James T 1944+




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