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21 Oct 2016

Make Time For It

28 Oct 2016



Make Time For It

Above photo, showing the licensee and the inside of the shed/pub.


This is certainly a new one that may or may not catch on. It has just got to be the smallest pub, but being portable, is it actually a pub at all?

At present I see this is more of an advertising campaign for the Meantime Brewery than an actual pub, but even if it only lasted the stipulated 7 days, it did at least exist, and I will record it here.


From 21 October 2016. By Rachel Moss.

Britain’s Smallest Pub Opens In Garden Shed.

Visitors get a free beer (on one condition).

Britain’s smallest pub has started serving its first pints in a shed smaller than a snooker table.

The tiny bar, which “fits comfortably in a transit van” measures just 6ft by 8ft and only has space for four people at a time - including the barman.

Make Time For It

Punters who leave their mobile phones at the door are awarded a free beer in the pub, which opens on Friday (21 October) in Greenwich, south east London.

The bar, which is only open for seven days, is called The Make Time for It and serves six limited edition craft beers as well as other larger and ales.

Marketing director for brewer Meantime, Rich Myers, said: “The Make Time For It campaign was designed to highlight the importance of time, the fifth ingredient in our beers, as well as celebrate the best of British craft from across the country.”

Myers added that the bar was designed “to help create the perfect drinking environment”.

He described it as a “space to appreciate craft in a variety of forms and the perfect spot to spend time catching up with a mate over a beer”.

Make Time For It

The pub may be a temporary pop-up, but if all goes well it could be back in a town near you.

Myers said: “We’re also exploring the idea of sending the bar on tour around the country, made possible by the fact that it fits comfortably in a transit van.”

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