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Earliest 2000

Great Harry

Open 2020+

7-9 Wellington Street


020 8853 9460

Great Harry 2013

Above photo, 7 June 2013.

Great Harry 2019

Above photo 2019, by Ewan Monroe


This is a Wetherspoons pub that was renovated in July 2012. A plaque outside the pub says the following:- "The Great Harry. The transformation of Woolwich from a fishing village into an important riverside town, began in the early 16th century, when the old Royal Navy Dockyard was established to build Henry VIII's flagship 'The Great Harry.' When launched, this great ship was four decks high, 165 feet long, weighing between 1,000 and 1,5000 tons. It had 43 heavy guns and 141 light guns, making it the largest and most powerful warship in Europe.

The pub was burnt during the riots of August 2011


Great Harry fire

Above photo showing the premises on fire.

Great Harry 2011

Above photo showing the burnt out pub after the riots in August 2011.


The pub was refurbished and opened again in July 2013.


From the Thursday 29 September 2011

Teenager has admitted setting fire to Great Harry pub in Wellington Street.

A 16-YEAR-OLD boy has appeared in court over a fire which engulfed the "Great Harry" pub in Woolwich during the riots.

The Abbey Wood teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared at Inner London Crown Court today. He denied arson with intent to endanger life.

He admitted arson being reckless as to whether life is endangered. He also admitted violent disorder and burglary by entering the Money Shop in Woolwich.

He was remanded in secure accommodation for a hearing on October 14 at Inner London Crown Court.


From 22 August 2011

London riots: Woolwich 'wall of hope' painted over.

The creators of a wall of messages on a pub hit by the recent riots have reacted with dismay after it was painted over.

The boards covering riot-damage at the "Great Harry" pub became a place for the community to express its hopes for a brighter future.

Great Harry riots 2011

But contractors have now painted over the messages left after the riots.

Pub owners Powis Street Estates said it was about to replace them with different hoardings.

Stephen Cradick, from Powis Street Estates, said it had consulted with Greenwich council before carrying out the works.

He said: "The council said it had taken a photographic record of the messages and were comfortable with us tidying it up."

Mr Cradick also revealed the hoardings would remain while a structural engineer decided whether or not the building could be repaired.

Mike Jelves, one of the individuals behind the wall's creation, said it came about when a group of people started leaving message on the boards on the Saturday after the riots.

He said the community had been brought together around the wall and were "shocked and appalled" by it being painted over.

He claimed contractors working on the pub, community support officers and the police had allowed the wall to be created.

The wall was a place for the community to leave positive messages about Woolwich.

"It is disappointing the council has retrospectively labelled it as graffiti," he added.

"All we were trying to do was raise the spirits of the community after the riots."

Mr Jelves contrasted the removal of the wall in Woolwich with what happened in Peckham, south London, where messages of goodwill left on a Poundland shop are being preserved.

Poundland welcomed the Peckham's "Wall of Love" and Southwark Council is carefully removing the wall and transplanting it to the local library for the public to view.

Southwark Council said it hoped the wall would continue to act as a rallying point for the local community.


From the 10 July 2012.

Wetherspoon's reopens the "Great Harry" pub after riots destruction.

Just 11 months after being destroyed by fire in the riots last August, manager operated JD Wetherspoon (JWD) has reopened the "Great Harry" in Woolwich, south London.

JDW spent 1.3 million on developing the site and created 60 jobs.

JWD chief executive John Hutson said, "We are delighted to be reopening the "Great Harry."

In the days following the disturbance, the hoardings around the burnt-out pub became a 'tribute wall' for people to leave messages and offer support, which showed the importance of the pub to them and the community.

The pub was originally opened in 2000. It was then completely destroyed in a petrol bomb attack on 8 August 2011.


From the 4 July 2020.

Wetherspoons pub in Woolwich, southeast London, attracts TWO pub-goers for 8am opening time on Super Saturday.

Super Saturday (July 4) got off to a quiet start in Woolwich, southeast London, as only two pub-goers were seen waiting outside the local Wetherspoons pub, The Great Harry, when it opened at 8am.

Social distancing markings can be seen outside the pub at the new reduced distance of 1 meter rather than 2.




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