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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton & Rory Kehoe

Earliest 1851-

Bridge House

Latest 1914


Tyler Hill

Bridge House

Above photo after 1914, kindly sent by Dave Jordan.

Bridge House

Above photo after 1914, kindly sent by Dave Jordan.

1874 map

Above 1874 map identification by Rory Kehoe.


Only found one instant of this pub at present and unfortunately no definite address other than Tyler Hill.

Further information found by Rory Kehoe says it may have been called the "Bridge House."

In 1869-70 the pub was part of a consortium who were advertising their goods of selling tea in response to grocers' selling beer and wine. (Click for further details.) In this advert it was called the "Bridge House Inn."

By 1914 it appears to have closed as a pub but in 1925 it was being run as a grocery shop by William Yeatman.


Alice and William James Yeatman

Above photo, showing Alice and her husband William James Yeatman, kindly sent by their grand son, Dave Jordan.


From the Whitstable Times, 3 December, 1870.


At St. Augustine's Petty Sessions on Saturday, before George Neame, Esq., chairman, T. G. Peckham, Esq., P. Marten, Esq.. and Major-General McQueen, a man named Charles Curd was charged with assaulting Zachariah Bolton, at the “Bridge” public-house. Tyler-hill, on Wednesday last.

Complainant stated that he went in the “Bridge” at about five o’clock on the day in question and solicited the orders of these in the house, amongst whom was the defendant, for some herrings which he had with him in a basket. As he could not sell any he indulged in a halfpenny biscuit, while he was eating which, his basket being between his legs, he saw defendant take some herrings out of the basket, and on going outside he saw defendant’s father with his coat pocket open receiving therein the herrings which his son was giving him. Complainant demanded that the fish should be restored to him but defendant denied taking them and attacked him, striking him on the face, and throwing him on the floor, without receiving any pugilistic provocation.

Henry Bolton deposed to going in the house as the men were being searched for the herrings. Curd, sen., drew the herrings out of his pocket and complainant accused defendant of taking them, whereupon the latter assaulted him in the manner described.

George Cage said he saw Curd strike complainant three times and take him by the coat and throw him to the ground.

Defendant admitted giving the complainant what he called a shaking but denied striking him.

William Hunt, labourer, stated that this was all defendant did—he only took hold of defendant and threw him down.

The Bench considered an assault had been proved, and inflicted a fine of 5s., costs 12s.


East Kent Gazette, Saturday 23 February 1884.


Police objection to an application for a public house licence.

At the St. Augustine's Petty Sessions, Canterbury, on Saturday, T. G. Peckham, Esq. in the chair, Mr. H. T. Johnson renewed his application for permission to be given to Joseph Hayes, late of the "Golden Ball," Kennington, Ashford, to carry on the business of the "Bridge House Inn," Tyler Hill until the next transfer day.

Hayes now produced a certificate of good character signed by large number of persons.

The Chairman pointed out that there was no date from the document.

Mr. Johnson:- I did it this week.

The Chairman:- I cannot tell that it is not 10 years old.

Mr. Johnson:- Here is a hat full of other letters from the church warden and overseers.

Superintendent Wood opposed the application on the ground that the man had not conducted his house properly. He had given the police a great deal of trouble, and had been cautioned as to permitting gambling and also as to his drinking habits. He had received a letter from Superintendent Nokes, stating that during the latter part of the three years hayes held the house at Kennington he was frequently complained of, and in March, 1882, cautioned as to permitting gambling.

Mr Johnson:- It will ruin this man if he does not get a licence, as he would not be able to do so at other places.

The Bench decided to grant the application, but cautioned Hayes that the slightest infringement of the law would result in the endorsement of his licence.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 18th July 1914.

East Kent Compensation authority.

Fourteen Licences Considered Two Renewed.

The principal meeting of the East Kent Compensation Authority was held on Wednesday at the Sessions House, Longport, Canterbury. Lord Harris presided and the following licensing justices were present:- Mr. H. Fitzwalter Plumtre, Mr. W. A. Lochee, Mr. F. H. Willbee, Dr. S. R. Alexander, Captain W. T. Down, Mr. R. Grant, Mr. J. H. Monins, and Mr. F. E. Burke.

No opposition offered.

In the case of the following houses no opposition was offered to the licences being referred to compensation.

Ashford Division:- "Sportsmans Arms," Egerton (tenants, W. Wood, jun.; registered owners, Messrs. Shepherd, Neame and Co.)

Home division:- "Bridge House," Hackington (tenant and owner, Alice Kate Yeatman.)

Sittingbourne division:- "Olive Branch," Bordon (tenant, Sydney G. Holman; owners, Messrs. Shepherd, Neame and Co.);

"Edward I" (tenants, Alfred Wyles; owners, Messrs. Style and Winch);

"Anchor and Hope," Upchurch (tenant, J. H. Larcombe; owners, Messrs. F. Leney and Co.)



GAMMON William 1851+ (age 65 in 1851Census)

GAMMON Sarah to Nov/1863 Kentish Chronicle

TAYLOR John Nov/1863-71+ (age 46 in 1871Census) Kentish Chronicle

SUTTON James 1881-82+ Census

Last pub licensee had HAYES Feb/1884+

MARTIN Frank 1890 Greens Canterbury Directory 1868

Williams Thomas J 1902-03+ Kelly's 1903

YEATMAN Alice Kate to 1914


Kentish ChronicleKentish Chronicle

Greens Canterbury Directory 1868Greens Canterbury Directory

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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