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Earliest Oct 2016

Admiral's Arm

Open 2020+

West Street / Trafalgar Square


01795 668598

Admiral's Arm 2016

Above photo, December 2016, kindly sent by email.

Admiral's Arm licensees 2016

Above photo showing the licensees Chris and Rachel Collier.

Previous to Admiral's Arm

Above Google image, July 2016.

Building in 2009

Above Google image, May 2009, kindly taken by Rachel Collier.


A micro pub that is named after Admiral Nelson's Arm that was lost in the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The premises used to be "Pack & Post," a business that would pack and send off your goods. Previous to that in 2009, the same sort of firm but called the "Multi Coloured Drop Shop."


From the

Inside The Admiral’s Arm: The tiny micropub named CAMRA’s best pub in Kent.

The Admiral's Arm in Queenborough was recently awarded the title of the best pub in Kent by CAMRA.

Rachel & Chris Collier 2020

Rachel and Chris Collier are the proud owners of The Admiral's Arm.

The Admiral's Arm in Queenborough has only been operating for three years but has already made quite a name for itself.

The small micropub has recently been awarded the title of the best pub in Kent after it was named one of CAMRA's pubs of the year.

Pubs in the competition are selected by CAMRA volunteers and judged on their atmosphere, decor, welcome, service, community focus and the quality of the beer.

We paid a visit to the Queenborough institution to find out how much work goes into pouring and serving the perfect pint.

The Admiral's Arm is located on an unassuming Queenborough side street in a small wooden building that's had many uses over the years.

Before Rachel and Chris Collier took it over in 2016, it had been used as a packaging site for postal orders however as soon as they acquired the lease, they never looked back.

Rachael said: "We opened in October 2016. We had both worked around pubs before, although it had never been our main job. We'd always wanted to give it a try."

The Admiral's Arm is the couple's first pub, previously Rachel had worked for Kent County Council while Chris drove lorries.

Their website proudly states they are a micropub, which they define as "a small freehouse which listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales, promotes conversation, shuns all forms of electronic entertainment and dabbles in traditional pub snacks."

According to Rachel, the appeal of going independent was the freedom they would have to create the identity of their pub.

She said: "We didn't want to be tied to a brewery, we decided to make it a micro pub so we could turn it into something we like."

Admiral's Arm inside 2020

The interior of the Admiral's Arm.

From the By John Nurden, 28 May 2020.

How Sheppey and Sittingbourne firms have reacted to the coronavirus lockdown.

The way people shop has totally changed since the coronavirus lockdown.

But some businesses in Sittingbourne and on Sheppey have been quick to respond to the new needs.

Although pubs and restaurants were forced to close, some have adapted into takeaways.

Chris Collier 2020

Chris Collier has opened an off-licence at the Admiral's Arm pub in Queenborough on Sheppey.

The Aviator at Queenborough Corner, Sheppey, took a leaf out of McDonald's and transformed itself into a fast-food takeaway by converting an outdoor bar into a kitchen and handing out orders to car drivers.

As the lockdown begins to ease, the nearby Admiral's Arm micropub opened as an off-licence on Sunday. Owner Chris Collier said: "We have been offering a delivery service for drink and snacks seven days a week and pizzas on Fridays and Saturdays since the lockdown.

"As things are starting to relax a little now, we have decided to open as an off-licence as well on Thursdays to Sundays from 1pm to 3pm to see how it goes."

Like many shops, contactless card payment is preferred but cash will be accepted. For details see its website at



COLLIER Chris & Rachel Oct/2016+


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