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Earliest ????

Welcome Inn

Closed ????

438 Well Hall Road

Eltham Common

Welcome Inn 1961

Above photo, June 1961, taken by Ivor Palmer and kindly sent by his son, Richard.

Welcome Inn

Above photo, date unknown, kindly taken and sent by Brian Brockie.

Welcome Inn sign 1986

Above sign, May 1986.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Welcome Inn demolition

Above photo circa 2017, showing the building under demolition.


The pub is very similar in design to the "Carpenter's Arms" at Hadlow, the "Black Boy" at Sidcup, the "Ship" at Lydd on Sea, the "World's Wonder" at Warehorne, the "Bell" at Coxheath, the "Redstart Inn" at Barming, and the "Papermaker's Arms" in Hawley.


Welcome Inn location 2018

Above photo showing the location circa 2018.


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The Stage, Thursday 5 May 1955.

Welcome in.

Appropriately named the "Welcome Inn" is a hostelry in Eltham, Kent, where "The Theatre Club," which is affiliated to the Greenwich Community Association, had its fifth annual dinner and dance Last Friday.

So What?

Its guest included actor John Arenott, actress Diane Chesney, and B.B.C. Televisions Vere Lorrimer. Mr. Lorrimer thanked the club for the support it had giving him when he was producing at the Woolwich R.A. Theatre. It was here that the formation of this growing club was started by Jeffrey Salisbury.

So what?

The toasts to "The Guests" and "The Theatre" were responded to by Betty Huntley Wright and Georgie Wood. Miss Huntley Wright spoke well and amusingly, mostly about her illustrious father. Mr. Wood had a good time talking mostly about Mr. Wood.

So what?

Has any of this any news value or is it important? Yes - because the other clubs like this are essential to the live theatre. These are the organisations from which we get these gallant enthusiasts who organised the parties that are life's blood of live shows these days.

Of course it helps to have somebody like R. B. Salisbury as a club president, and to have actively interested vice presidents such as B. A. Meyer and Peter Saunders, and that it is the happy position of this ever-growing society which, I believe, is the only theatre club in London.

It must help to have a man like George Bruce, J.P., as your chairman, a friendly and willing committee, and, of course, cuisine and service of a "Welcome Inn."

So what?

Just a suggestion to the many lovers of live shows who are not pros - do something about it. Even where you haven't got a live theatre of your own, and specially in the towns where you have lost your live theatres.




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