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26 Nov 2015

Thirsty Scarecrow

Closed 2022

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107 High Street


07454 934833


Thirsty Scarecrow proposal 2015

Above image showing the proposed look when open.

Corner Cafe 2012

Above photo 2012 when the premises was selling at 45,000.

Thirsty Scarecrow

Above photo 2015.


I have recently heard that a premises license has been asked for the "Corner Cafe" at 107 High Street. I am also led to believe that it proposed to open it as a micro pub called the "Thirsty Scarecrow." Further information tells me they are going to specialise in ciders.

The Corner Cafe has been serving food to the locals since the 1940's and has even been said that the cafe dates back to the 1920's.


From the East Kent Mercury, 16 June 2015.

Licensing Act 2003 The Thirsty Scarecrow 107 High Street, (Ground Floor) Dover, Kent. CT161EB.

Notice of application for grant of a premises licence. Notice is hereby given that Miss Kathryn Mary Tatham & Mr. Kieran Redmond have applied to Dover District Council for the grant of a premises licence for:-

1. To enable the sale of alcohol between: 10 00 and 23 00 hrs Monday to Sunday.

2. To enable the sale of alcohol for extended hours at Bank Holidays and on other limited days as specified in the application.

 3. To enable Regulated Entertainment to be provided within the premises, as specified in the application.

A register of licensing applications can be inspected at httpJ/ or at The Council Offices, White Cliffs Business Park, Whitfield, Dover CT16 3PJ tel.01304 872295, by appointment with the Licensing Team between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Any person wishing to submit relevant representations to this application must give notice in writing to the address shown above, giving in detail the grounds of objection by: 5 August.

2015. Dated: 8 July 2015.


From the Dover Express, 3 December 2015. By Jordan Bluer.

Short back and Ciders are on offer at the inn with its own resident hairdresser.

Hairdresser Katy cuts mum Tania's hair in her salon at the back of the "Thirsty Scarecrow."

Get a haircut not half-cut in this micro pub.

I’LL have two pints, a packet of crisps - and a short back and sides, please, guvnor!

The Thirsty Scarecrow micro cider pub has just opened its doors in High Street, pulling creative craft pints for weary husbands and chopping the barnets of willing wives.

Confused? Well, this latest micropub on the block - joining the likes of the Mash Tun and the Arlington - is both a drinking hole and a hairdressers.

Thirsty Scarecrow licensees 2015

But the clue is in the name, says owner and former Rack of Ale worker Kieran Redmond.

“The pub’s name, Thirsty Scarecrow, was my girlfriend Katy’s idea,” he said.

“We have a hair salon at the back, and people with bad haircuts can look like a scarecrow when they come in, or so she says.

“As we’re a pub too, we just stuck thirsty on the front.”

Hairdresser Katy Tatham, 29, who hails from South Africa, captains the mop-chopping side of the business - but you don’t have to worry about any stray locks toppling into your tipple.

“The hair salon is a completely separate room at the back,” said Kieran. “You have to go through the pub to get to it.

“The wives can come down and get their hair cut while their husbands can have a few pints.” The Dover duo, from Camden Crescent, held their busy grand opening on Thursday last week -doling out craft ciders spiced with Vimto and elderflower, as well as ale for beer-buffs.

Kieran added: “It was really good. It got really busy and was throughout the night.

“Our biggest seller was Turners Elder Flower closely followed by Damson and Vimto.”

The 28-year-old owner worked at Park Place drinking hotspot The Rack of Ale for a year and a half before trying his hand at the cider game.

“I’ve had a passion for drinking since an early age,” said Kieran. “I adore micro-pubs and I’ve always liked the way they work.

“There’s a great ethos, good quality drinks and the micro pubs in Dover work together. That’s what I want to be a part of.”

Thirsty Scarecrow drinkers 2015

HAIR OF THE DOG: Topers try the Thirsty Scarecrow’s cider.

Thirsty Scarecrow drinkers

Drinkers at the Thirsty Scarecrow.

From the Dover Express, 10 December 2015.

Cider bar worth celebrating.

IT’S great to see so many micropubs in the town.

Now an enterprising young couple have opened a cider bar - the Thirsty Scarecrow - in what was the Corner Cafe in High Street at the bottom of Tower Hamlets. Perhaps someone can help me out - why was it called The Corner Cafe when it’s not on the corner?

Anyway, pubs are having a tough time, so I’m delighted these little ventures are going from strength to strength.

Do your best to pop in and support them over Christmas.


From the Dover Mercury, 24 May 2017.

Cheers! Micropub’s cider a winner.

Thirsty Scarecrow licensees 2017

The Thirsty Scarecrow serves the best cider in the district - and that's official.

The micropub, in Dover High Street, was named Branch Cider Pub of the Year 2017 by CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale).

The award is for the whole Dover, Deal and Sandwich area.

The Thirsty Scarecrow opened in November 2015, replacing a cafe.


Sadly closed in 2022. Only to be taken over and reopened in December 2022 as the "Staggared Inn."



TATHAM Kathryn Mary & REDMOND Kieran July/2015 (applied for license)

REDMOND Kieran 26/Nov/2015-18+


If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-