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Royal Oak

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Royal Oak 1910

Above postcard, circa 1910, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Royal Oak

Above postcard, date unknown, by kind permission Roy Moore,

Royal Oak

Above postcard, date unknown, by kind permission Roy Moore,

Royal Oak 2009

Above image from Google, May 2009.

Royal Oak sign 2009Royal Oak siign 2013

Above sign left, 2009, sign right, 2013.


The pub was originally two cottages that have now been knocked into one. The pub closed briefly in the 1990's, and re-opened in 2000.


From the 23 July 2013. By Sian Napier

Friends jailed for attacking soldiers outside Royal Oak pub in Lydd

Royal Oak 2013

Five friends who launched a "wholly unprovoked" attack on a group of soldiers at a pub in Lydd have been sent to prison.

The attack, at the "Royal Oak," took place while customers were enjoying a Halloween fancy dress party.

During the assault, a soldier was kicked while he was on the ground and the attackers tried to stamp on his head.

One of the victims will need reconstructive surgery after suffering a broken nose, the court heard.

Steven Humphries, 24, Danny Bruin, 26, Daniel Humphries, 31, Daniel Foster, 23, and 24-year-old Craig Addy all admitted affray at Canterbury Crown Court.

The judge, Recorder Paul Taylor, said the worst aspect of the case was the attack involved kicking a man on the ground.

He told the five: "The fact that he suffered no lasting injuries is a matter of fortune. He could easily have been badly hurt.

"One was not so fortunate. He suffered a broken nose leaving him unable to breathe properly."

Prosecutor Jim Harvey said the soldiers, who had been on exercises on nearby Ministry of Defence property, were outside the pub at about 10.30pm on Friday, October 26 last year when they became aware trouble was brewing.

The incident was captured on CCTV when Daniel Humphries approached a group of soldiers and words were exchanged. He was joined by Foster, Bruin and Steven Humphries.

Mr Harvey said: "Daniel Humphries, without any provocation, struck one of the soldiers and another two."

The victims were punched, kicked and thumped, he said.

"The soldiers said the attack was wholly unprovoked and they felt they had been targeted because they were members of the Armed Forces," Mr Harvey added.

"Attempts were made to stamp on one soldier's head."

Ged O'Connor, defending Daniel and Steven Humphries and Bruin, said all three had worked all their lives and were full of remorse that they got involved in the attack.

Kerry Waitt, for Foster, said he could not explain why he became involved and went to the pub in fancy dress intending to have a good time with his girlfriend.

He said: "The only explanation he can offer is that of the herd instinct of following his friends. He was shocked when he saw the CCTV coverage."

Nicholas Maggs, defending Addy, said he had a young family who relied on him and the offence would not be repeated.

Recorder Taylor said: "This was undoubtedly fuelled by alcohol. It was wholly unprovoked and you kicked a man who was down."

In sentencing Daniel Humphries - of The Derrings, Lydd - to 14 months in prison, Recorder Taylor said he was the oldest, had started the trouble and had orchestrated it.

Steven Humphries, of Greenway, Lydd; Bruin, of Hythe Road, Dymchurch; Foster, of Eastern Road, Lydd; and Addy, Paddock Close, Lydd, were each jailed for a year.



AUSTEN Tom 1871+ (also carpenter age 34 in 1871Census)

RAMSDEN Thomas & Maria 1891-1911+ (ages 44 & 42 in 1891Census)

BROWN Trevor & Mandy 2015+




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