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Earliest 1597

Bull and Butcher

Latest 1826

(Name to)




A great deal of this information has been gratefully supplied by Lionel Cole who tells me he has traced the premises back to 1647 although in 2019 gave reference to there having been a pub on this site since 1597.

In 1826 Jane Medley was the owner of the premises and Thomas Moon the tenant and they were responsible for maintaining 5 feet of the churchyard wall.

The Bull and Butcher is a pun for Boleyn (pronounced Bullen) butcher! The pub belonged to the Hever Castle estate.

I believe it changed name to the "King Henry the Eighth" round about the time Thomas Moon took over from Timothy Moon, who was probably his father.



PURSER Elizabeth 1767-74

WATERS Samuel 1775-98

1774 (of Chiddingstone) He married Elizabeth Purser, widow of the previous publican.

1778 Lady Waldo and her tenant Samuel Waters were responsible for 5 feet of churchyard wall.

1792, 1792 The pub was identified as the Bull & Butcher

1809 Samuel died, a poor person.

1770 Timothy Waldo esq and his tenant Elizabeth Purser were responsible for 5 feet of churchyard wall.

1766-67 William Purser, who died in 1767.

1763-65 John Morgan. He owned Chittenden Cottage.

1757-62 Thomas Eagleton

1761 Timothy Waldo and his tenant Thomas Eagleton were responsible for 5 feet of churchyard wall.

1749-56 John Baker at the Red Lion

1739-46 Thomas Tully at the Red Lion

1719-39 Richard Duke, cordwainer at the red Lion

1717-18 Mrs Stillman

1712-16 William Wildes or Willes, butcher

I also have him recorded at the “Half Moon” in Hever 1715-16

1711 John Everest, butcher at the Red Lion

He was licensed at the Red Lion 1708-11 and Edward Medhurst was licensed at the Red Lion in 1710.

1708-10 Henry Cronck, yeoman. He paid the rates but was not the licensee

1699-1709 Frances Coale, widow

In 1707 she is located at the Red Lyon. The record says Cowden, but this is obviously a mistake.

1709 She was unable to pay her rates. She abandoned the public house leaving the house so empty that no distress was to be had there. She died in 1733, poor.

1674-99 Andrew Coale, butcher. It is not known what the pub was called in his time.

1674 Andrew Coale (Stanford Borough Land Tax assessment 2-10s).

Between 1664 and 1673 the pub is not recorded in the Hever parish assessments

1663 Widow Freeman. (Hever parish assessment) Also 1665 (Stanford Borough Land Tax assessment 2-10s)

1662 Edward Freeman (Stanford Borough Land Tax assessment 2-10s.) Also in the Hever parish assessment

1653-62 Maria Bletcher, widow. (Hever parish assessments). Also recorded as licensed in 1660.

1649-52 William Bletcher for part of the Old Courts. We are still dealing with the same piece of land but it is not clear if the pub was in operation at that time.

1648 Widow Care for part of the Old Courts.

1647 William King for the Upper Croft Old Courts.

There are no earlier records


WALDO Lady 1807 (owner)

MOON Timothy 1799-1825 dec'd

MEDLEY Jane 1826 (owner)


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29


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