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Beer Retailers



Kentish Gazette, 22 July 1851.

Petty sessions, home division of St Augustine's. Saturday July 10th.

A summons was entered to be pressed against William Austin, beer-shop keeper of Sturry, for keeping his house open since 10 o'clock at night. It appears the defendant has been cautioned against such a practice by the Constable, but he maintains that he has a right to remain open till 11 at night. Hence the necessity of the interference of the police.


Kentish Gazette, 29 July 1851.

Keeping a house open after time.

William Austin, beer-shop keeper, appeared to answer a complaint of having kept his house open for the sale of beer after 10 o'clock, on the night of 28th June last. The defendant pleaded guilty of keeping his house open, but not for the sale of beer. James Barnes, of Broad Oak, in the parish of Sturry, proved that he went to the defendant's house about a quarter past ten on the night in question, and told him to leave off drawing beer. He refused to do so until 11 o'clock; then drew a pint of beer, and took it to the taproom, where a number of persons were sitting drinking. He also proved that the population of the place was under 250. The defendant affirmed that he had been told by the magistrate some time since that he was to leave off drawing beer at 10 o'clock, and to close his house at 11. The Bench reproduced the statement, and ordered the defendant to pay a fine of 10s. and 15s. costs.



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