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Beer Retailers



PIGOT'S Directory 1828.

HASTED Charles, Brewer.

TURNER Samuel, Brewer.


PIGOT'S Directory 1832.

WOOD William, Frindsbury Road, Brewers.

TURNER Samuel, High Street, Brewers (& Hop Dealer.)


CENSUS 1841.

KEEN John, High Street, age 55, Publican.


CENSUS 1861.

COBB Sarah, High Street, widow age 45, Victualler.

COLLIER Charles, High Street, age 50, Victualler.

CROCKFORD Thomas F, High Street, age 59, Victualler.


Ind Coope & Co Ltd purchased an unlicensed shop and stable year at rear of premises addressed at 27-29 North Street and another shop at 31 North Street from Budden & Biggs Brewery Ltd by conveyance and assignment dated 23 March 1931. neither shops held a drinks license. At the same time they also purchased five cottages addressed as 3-7 Clarks Yard, and Thorne House addressed as Castleview Road, neither premises held drinks licenses. They also purchased Three Shops and a Messuage addressed as 110, 112 and 114 High Street, non had a license to sell alcohol.

At the same time they also bought The Brewery, addressed as 118 High Street, and the land at the rear of 33 and 35 North Street, as well as 83 Penge Road, South Norwood, Surrey for a Lease of 99 years from 25 March 1877, and also the land within, under and adjoining Arch number 4 at Rochester. The lease of which was for 8 years from 25 Dec 1927.


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