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Beer Retailers



Kentish Gazette, Friday 18 May 1798.


To be Let and Entered upon immediately, ready furnished, all that respectable and commodious Inn or Hotel, situated in the centre of the town of Ramsgate, in the Isle of Thanet; together with a wine-vault, one hundred and twenty feet long; coach houses and stabling for sixty horses; now or late in the tenure or occupation of Mr. William Young.

The furniture may be taken by appointment.

The rent is not so much a consideration with the proprietors, as engaging with a person capable of conducting it.

Enquire at Messrs. Fenner and Flint, Canterbury.

May 17, 1798.


PIGOT'S Directory 1828.

AUSTEN James, Broad Street, Brewers.

BROWN John, 22 Effingham Place, Wine & Spirit Merchants.

CURLING John, 40 Effingham Place, Wine & Spirit Merchants.

HAYWOOD Henry, Turner's Place, Brewers.

STEVENSON James, Ropewalk, Brewers.

TOMSON Richard, Queen Street, Brewers.


PIGOT'S Directory 1832.

AUSTIN Robert & James, Broad Street, Brewers.

HAYWOOD Henry, Turner's Place, Brewers and Retailers.

LIVICK James, Bellevue Hill, Brewers and Retailers.

STEVENSON James, High Street, Brewers.

STOKES John, High Street, Brewers and Retailers.

TOMSON Richard & Sons, Queen Street, Brewers.


CENSUS 1841.

JONES David, Belle Vue Hill, age 65 (Could be "Malt Shovel.")


CENSUS 1851.

AUSTIN William Knight, Kings Road, age 29, Licensed Victualler.

BEAN Jonathan, Harbour Street, age 40, Licensed Victualler.

BROOKS John, 9 Sion Hill, age 52, Beer Seller.

COX Susannah, 6 Garden Row, age 70, Inn Keeper.

ELLIOTT Christiana (widow) Harbour Place, age 52, Publican.

FARLEY William, Mill Hill, St. George, age 30, Market Gardener at Beer Shop.

FEGAN Harriet, Chatham Street, age 37, Beer Retailer.

JURDISON Jane, age 44, Hotel Keeper.

MOODY Thomas, 25 Frederick Street (North side), age 52, Beer House Keeper.

MOUNT/MANT Robert, 9 Addington Street, age 47, Inn Keeper.

WOOTTON William, Harbour Place, age 49, Inn Keeper.


CENSUS 1871.

BRAY William, 1 Adelaide Gardens, age 47, Licensed Victualler.

FENWICK Isaac, 24 Effingham Crescent, age 44, Licensed Victualler.


Thanet Advertiser 9 March 1872.

Transfer of License.

Before the Sandwich Bench of Magistrates, on Monday, when there were present R. Harrison, sen, J. L. Drayson, J. Dorman, and R. L. Harrison, Esqs.

A wine license was transferred from Joseph F. Hallett, of 39, Harbour-street, Ramsgate, to Joseph Cooper.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 10 October, 1873.

RAMSGATE. Closing of Public Houses.

Some confusion has arisen as to when the extension of time granted by the magistrates comes into operation. Supt. Buss contends that the Mayor of Sandwich distinctly told him not until 1874. However, a notice which has just been served upon all publicans leads to an opposite conclusion, which says, "One month from the date of this order." The order bears date September 1873. The extension given was, it will be remembered, until twelve o’clock every night from the 15th June to the 15th October, excepting Saturday, which was to be 11.45; Sunday to remain at 10.


License Transfers 1904.

42 Harbour Street from Mr READ to Messrs Percy Brothers.


From the Thanet Advertiser and Echo, 11 March 1949.

On the application of Mr. W. A. Leach-Lewis the bench sanctioned the re-grant of a publican's licence to Mr. George Grais in respect of "Ramsgate Commercial Hotel."

Other applications granted were: Music and dancing, Mr. H. J. Loverseed, at the Royal Hotel; music only, Mr. A. J. Berrycloth, at the White Swan, and Mrs. N. L. Allen, at 229 Hereson-road.

The transfer was approved of the licence of the "Admiral Fox" from Robert George Pearce to John Albert Holyer.


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