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Beer Retailers

Minster - Sheppey


From the Maidstone Assizes.

21 March 1676.

Before Thomas Twisden, J, and Thomas Jones, J.

132. Indictment of James Durrant and Humphrey Webb, of Minster in Sheppey, for keeping common, ill-governed and disorderly tippling-houses on 5 Mar. 1676 and other occasions.

(A Tippling-House is a house in which liquors are sold in drams or small quantities, to be drunk on the premises.)

[endorsed] True bill.

Durrant confessed and was fined 3s. 4d. on 1 Apr. 1676.


Sheerness Guardian, 22 September, 1860.


Monday, before E. Twopenny, (chairman), J. D. Dyke, Sir T. M. Tylden and the Rev. G. B. Moore.

General Licensing Day.

The following applications for new licenses were heard:—

Mr. Hills applied for a licence to a house belonging to Mr. W. J. Attwater, at West Minster, nearly one mile and a half from Sheerness. He remarked that this was a new locality, upon which was erected the Works of the Sheppey Gas Consumers' Company, and that the requirements of the neighbourhood demanded such a place, as 15 houses were already erected and there were 40 more in course of erection and it was probable that during the next 12 months from 140 to 150 more would be erected in the locality. Refused.



CENSUS 1861Census

LAWRENCE Henry, West Minster Beer Shop, age 40, Beer Retailer.


CENSUS 1871Census

TRILL Wilen, 91 Chapel Street, age 23, Beer Retailer.


KELLY'S DIRECTORY 1930 Kelly's 1830

WALLACE George H, West Minster, Beer Retailer.




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