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Beer Retailers



South Eastern Gazette, 14 February, 1860.

MALLING, WEST. Petty Sessions, Monday.

(Before J. W. Stratford, Esq., in the chair, the Hon, and Rev. Sir F. J. Stapleton, Colonel Fletcher, R. Tassell, Esq., Admiral Randolph, and Captain John Cheere, R.N.)

Charlotte Ridley, 15, was charged with having stolen 3s. 9d., the property of her master, James Tidy, at Ightham, on the 13th ult. The prisoner had been in the service of prosecutor, who is an innkeeper at Ightham. On the 13th ult. he found that a box in the kitchen had been broken open, and money stolen therefrom. The prisoner was taxed with the robbery, and after some equivocation admitted that she was guilty. She had been of great trouble to her parents.

Six weeks’ hard labour.


From the Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, 9 November 1861.

Thomas Allen of Ightham, was summoned for selling beer without a licence, thereby infringing the Excise Act. The defendant pleaded not guilty.

It was stated in evidence that for some time past Mr. Thomas Allen had been in the habit of supplying beer at his residence, for which he charged 4d per pot, and which amount he received in return for the same. Two witnesses proved to paying for several pints on Sunday, 28th July. Superintendent Hulse informed the bench that he believed that the last 4 years the same system had been carried on.

In answer to the charge, the defendant said it had been brought against him out of pure malice. For some time past he had made it practice to purchase beer on Saturday nights, and when his newspaper customers called for their publications on the following morning, he occasionally let them have beer at cost price.

After a short consultation the bench decide upon inflicting the mitigating fine of 10d and costs.


Maidstone Telegraph, Saturday 11 September 1869.

Beer Houses.

Mr. Mercer of Ightham, applied for a renewal of his licence.

The chairman observed to applicant that he had been twice convicted.

Superintendent Hulse remarked that the applicant had been in the habit of keeping his house open during the hours of divine service. He had been convicted and brought up since, but the last case was dismissed. The chairman, addressing Mercer, remarked that if the bench heard any more complaints they would not grant the licence.


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