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PIGOT'S Directory 1828.

BARTON Oliver, Brewer.


PIGOT'S Directory 1832.

BARTON Mercy, Brewers.


Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, Saturday 22nd September 1860.


Water Lipscomb, of Hadlow, beer-house keeper, pleaded guilty to having his house open for the sale of beer after 10 o'clock on the night of the 18th of August.

Fined 9s. and 10s. costs.


From the Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Monday 6 June 1870.

Hadlow beer house offence.

At the Tonbridge Petty sessions, on Tuesday, Charles Randall was charged with keeping his house open for the sale of liquor during prohibited hours, at Hadlow, on 22nd May.

It appeared from the evidence that about 12:30 on Sunday morning, Sergeant Okill saw a man come from the passage leading to defendant's house with two bottles. He examined them and found them to contain beer. Defendant said the beer was drawn before 11 o'clock. Witness went into the room, and found two men and two women in the kitchen, but they had no beer. They were not lodgers. Mrs. Randall said they had been with her to meet her husband. The Bench did not consider it a serious charge, and fined defendant 1s. 4d., and 13s. 8d, costs, but declined to endorse the charge on the license.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier 11 July, 1873. Price 1d.


Charles May, Arthur Best, and Frederick Jessup, the two latter of whom pleaded guilty, were indicted for stealing 5 bottles of liqueurs and a bottle of champagne, value 1 10s., the property of Thomas Taylor, at Hadlow, on the 5th May. Mr. Sharp prosecuted. No evidence was offered against May, and he was discharged. Best and Jessup, two boys, were sentenced to one day’s hard labour each, and to receive twelve strokes with a birch rod.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 28 October, 1874.

Hadlow. Case Withdrawn.

George Ring, beerhouse-keeper, of Hadlow, was summoned for assaulting his wife Rachel, at Hadlow.

Mr. Palmer, solicitor, who defended, said the complainant was now desirous to withdraw the summons, as she was not now afraid of her life.

The Bench consented to the withdrawal, and the case was dismissed.


CENSUS 1881.Census


COURT John 1881+ (also brewer age 44 in 1881Census)


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