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Beer Retailers


CENSUS 1851.

DINOK Richard, Burham Hill, age 47, Victualler.

HEMSLEY Daniel, Burham Street, age 31, Victualler.

MARTIN Richard, Robin Road, age 65, Victualler.

McKELVIE Eliza, Burham, age 47, Victualler.


CENSUS 1861.

PARKER William, Burham Street, Beer House Keeper.


Maidstone Telegraph, Saturday 11 September 1869.

Beer Houses.

Against William Thorpe, of Burham, 2 convictions were recorded, one in 1867 and the other in 1869. Superintendent Hulse remarked that there had been no complaints since the last conviction.

The chairman instructed the police to watch the house and granted the licence with a caution to the applicant.


Maidstone Telegraph, Saturday 11 September 1869.

Beer Houses.

Mr. Martin, beerhouse keeper, Burham, and of the "Bell Inn," Maidstone applied for a renewal of the licence for the sale of beer in Burham. Not being able to prove the service of the notice the renewal was postponed until the 27th.


Kent & Sussex Courier, 30, September 1892.

Temporary transfer.

Upon the application of Mr B Norton, a licence of the "Canteen" at the Burham Cement Company's works was temporarily transferred from Robert Pine to Frederick Parker.


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